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This page provides information about recent community approved changes in object tagging strategies, for the benefit of downstream OSM data users. It is advised to continue supporting older versions for some transition time.

This page was introduced at the start of 2021; for earlier changes please see the Status: Approved category or Status: Deprecated category.



  • Added
    • outlet=*: marks a place where content of a closed duct (like a culvert, a tunnel or pipeline) is released.


  • Added
    • natural=fumarole: an opening in a planet's crust found in volcanic areas and geothermal fields, which emits steam and gases.
    • foraging=*: to specify permission for harvesting materials from plants or fungi, especially edible ones
    • boundary=border_zone: to mark areas near country borders that have special restrictions on movement.
    • historic=creamery: tag for historic creameries where dairy farmers brought their milk churns for the milk to be skimmed


  • Added
    • club=cadet: location where various Youth Cadet groups meet
    • cadet=*: type of cadet organization e.g. Police / Fire / Ambulance
    • headlight=*: signifies requirement on some roads to always use one's headlights regardless of time of day.




  • Added
    • man_made=stupa: a Buddhist dome-shaped structure with a spire on top originally built to contain relics.
    • man_made=utility_pole: a pole used to support utility networks lines for telecom or power networks.


  • Added
    • railway:signal:*:shape=*: description of shape for different kinds of railway:signal:*=*.
    • post_office=bureau: full post office which is operated by the postal service provider.
    • post_office=post_annex: (Full) Post office which is operated by private/ for the postal service provider.
    • post_office=post_partner: a relay point in shops or amenities for a limited amount of postal services like letters, parcels, packets provided as a complementary business.
    • landuse=education: for ground occupied by (preferably more than one) educational amenities such as kindergartens, schools, universities, language, music, … schools.
    • reusable_packaging:accept=*: indicates whether shop accepts that customers bring and use their own packaging to buy a product
    • reusable_packaging:offer=*: indicates if shop proposes some reusable containers to their clients
  • Changed
    • amenity=school: is now for tagging only the school, but not for (school-)grounds that are shared between two or more institutions.


  • Added
    • trailblazed=poles;cairns;symbols: refinement to existing trailblazed=yes to indicate how a trail/path is marked.
    • trailblazed:visibility=excellent;good;intermediate;bad;horrible;no: to specify quality of marking.
    • historic=tomb: structures where people have been buried.
    • tomb=tumulus: a mound of earth and stones raised over a grave or graves.
    • tomb=rock-cut: a burial chamber that is cut into an existing, naturally occurring rock formation.
    • tomb=hypogeum: an underground tomb.
    • tomb=war_grave: a burial place for members of the armed forces or civilians who died during military campaigns or operations.
    • tomb=mausoleum: an external free-standing building constructed as a monument enclosing the interment space or burial chamber.
    • tomb=columbarium: a place for the respectful and usually public storage of cinerary urns.
    • tomb=crypt: a stone chamber beneath the floor of a church or other building.
    • tomb=dolmen: a type of single-chamber megalithic tomb.
    • tomb=pyramid: a structure whose outer surfaces are triangular and converge to a single point at the top.
    • tomb=sarcophagus: a box-like funeral receptacle for a corpse, most commonly carved in stone.
    • tomb=vault: a structural underground tomb that encloses a coffin to help prevent a grave from sinking.
    • highway=busway: dedicated roadway for buses that maintain a high level of importance specifically for bus passengers, but are not meant to be used by motorists, pedestrians, or cyclists.
    • place_of_worship=mass_rock: a rock, which serves as a place of worship in Ireland.


  • Added
    • basin=evaporation: a pond or basin used to extract a precipitate (other than salt) from water.
    • place_of_worship=holy_well: as an extension of amenity=place_of_worship. A place where Catholics collect "holy water" and celebrate the well's patron saint.
    • emergency=lifeguard: permanent, or semi-permanent, location where a lifeguard will be while on duty.
    • lifeguard=base: a building which lifeguards operate from, and where boats, equipment, vehicles etc. are stored.
    • lifeguard=tower: an elevated tower used by lifeguards to watch and supervise swimmers.
    • lifeguard=yes: for a water recreation feature with a lifeguard on duty, who may not be in a fixed location.
    • office=lifeguard: a lifeguard administration office or building only.


  • Added
    • healthcare=sample_collection: a standalone site or dedicated healthcare facility where samples of blood/urine/etc are obtained or collected.
    • sample_collection=yes/no: for other facilities to specify whether or not samples are collected at the location.
    • traffic_calming=mini_bumps: a traffic calming device similar to speed bump, but consisting of multiple smaller parts.
    • historic=ogham_stone: stones bearing Ogham (the earliest Irish writing system) inscriptions.


  • Added
    • military=base: as an extension of landuse=military or building=* defines any military base. A military base is a facility, directly owned and operated by or for the military or one of its branches, which houses military equipment and personnel and facilitates training and operations.
    • military_service=army;navy;air_force: specifies particular branch of service e.g. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines etc.
    • healthcare=vaccination_centre: a healthcare facility specifically dedicated to administering vaccinations to individuals.
    • amenity=place_of_mourning: a room or building where families and friends can come, before the funeral, and view the body of the person who has died.
    • place_of_mourning=yes: presence of room(s) within some other amenity where families and friends can come, before the funeral, and view the body of the person who has died.
    • man_made=guard_stone: a stone architectural element built onto or into the corner of a building or wall.
    • man_made=pump: a device in charge of raising level or move liquids only.
    • mechanical_driver=*: the motion source powering a pump.
    • mechanical_coupling=*: mechanical power adaption and transformation equipment linking a driver to a pump device.
    • pump_mechanism=*: specifies the pump device mechanism that directly moves gases or liquids.
    • man_made=tailings_pond: areas where waterborne tailings (byproducts of mining) are pumped and stored.
  • Changed