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Public-images-osm logo.svg door
Via della colonna 22, casa con stemma 02.JPG
Specifies the type of a door Edit or translate this description.
Group: Properties
Used on these elements
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Status: in use

The door=* tag allows us to describe the type of door being mapped. The door=* tag must be used in conjunction with the entrance=* tag. These tags are relevant for wheelchair and indoor routing.


The door=* tag must be placed on the node node which represents the door. Several values allow for distinguishing door types.


Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
door yes node A generic door, use this only if you don't know the kind of door or if it doesn't fit in another value.
door hinged node The traditional swinging door.
Via della colonna 22, casa con stemma 02.JPG
door sliding node A sliding door, e.g. in a shop.
Chicken Shed Theatre at Southgate - - 3534.jpg
door revolving node A revolving door, e.g in a shopping centre.
Revolving Door.jpg
door folding node A folding door - allows smaller footprint.
Eingeweiht durch Jardim.jpg
door trapdoor node A trapdoor - a hatch. Flush with the surface of the floor.
Eschenheimer-Turm Falltuer 02122009.JPG
door overhead node A Garage door - mostly rolling from overhead. Used mainly for vehicles, not humans.
Garage door sliding up.jpg
door loadingdock node The door for a loading dock - mostly an overhead door, but usually not at the same level on the inside and outside, as they provide access to a hgv's load floor.
Loading dock.jpg
door no node If the door itself is removed or the entrance is simply a hole in the wall, set the value to no.
Carved doorway into the Qutb Minar complex.jpg
door user defined node All commonly used values according to Taginfo

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.


Some tags are complementary to door=*:

  • entrance=* - The usage of door (main entrance, emergency exit, ...)
  • access=yes/private - Who is allowed to pass this door
  • automatic_door=* - Is the door automatic ?
  • level=* - At which floor this door can be found
  • width=* - The width of the door (useful for wheelchairs)
  • wheelchair=yes/no/limited - Wheelchair accessibility

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