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A entrance to an underground or multi storey parking facility Edit or translate this description.
Group: Amenities
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Status: approvedPage for proposal

Use amenity=parking_entrance to map a single parking entrance (and/or exit). Group one or more of such entrances into a site relation representing a single underground or multi storey parking facility, as described on Proposed_features/parking.


While underground or multi-storey parking facilities could be mapped using amenity=parking in combination with a layer tag, it’s often sufficient enough to just map the entrances and exits as nodes.

  • A parking entrance always has to be mapped as a node.
  • The differentiation between different kind of entrances for different kind of transportation modes (car, foot, …) is defined by setting the correct access tags (access=*).
  • If appropriate, the tag can be combined with entrance=*. The tag building=entrance is deprecated.
  • Parking entrances should always be connected to a highway and never be mapped isolated.
  • The distinction between entrances which function as exits, entrances or both is defined by the oneway=* tag of the highway=* connected to the parking_entrance node.
  • Parking entrances are only used for underground or multi storey parking, not for surface parking. Add parking=underground or parking=multi-storey.
  • Group one or more entrances into a single parking facility by putting them in a site relation using type=site + site=parking.
  • Inside a site relation parking entrances optionally can have the role entrance (see site proposal for details)
  • Add tags for common properties for all parking entrances (like surface=*, fee=*, covered=*, access restrictions …) to the site relation and not each individual element. Only properties that differ from the values tagged in the relation should be tagged on the parking entrance element directly.


Key Value Comment
required amenity parking_entrance Mandatory tag for defining a parking entrance.
recommended parking underground
If it is an underground car park. Rendering in openstreetmap-carto: Parking entrance-14.svg
If it is a multi-storey.
optional ref String If the parking entrance is managed in another third party application the internal ID of the entrance can be noted here to offer the possibility of an connection from the entrance in OSM to the third party system. If more than one application needs to note its ID, the notation changes to ref:<vendor>=* (for example ref:hertz=*, ref:airport_JFK=*)
optional name String Name of the entrance. Examples: Main entrance Big Underground Parking, Side Exit 3rd Avenue
optional general tags * See chapter General tags in the proposal for tags that can be applied to spaces, entrances and relations.

Access restrictions

For a much more detailed explanation of the new scheme using amenity=parking_space, amenity=parking_entrance and site relations, please read the proposal. You will also find information on how to tag access restrictions for certain kind of user roles (parent parking, disabled parking).

Possible Rendering

Amenity parking entrance.svg suggested by User:Chrisana13

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