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A site relation is used to group several objects together. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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Status: in usePage for proposal

A site relation is used to group several man-made objects which belong together but cannot be adequately described by an area/multipolygon. The group as a whole should have a common name and other characteristics.

This relation is not to be used in cases where the elements are inside one or more areas where the perimeter can be tagged with an appropriate area area tag. For example the tag amenity=school describes the perimeter of the school grounds, for schools with multiple sites the multipolygon relation should be used. For an university with buildings scattered throughout the city a multipolygon amenity=university with the buildings as role outer should be used.

The features should have a close geographic relationship, usually within the same town. For example do not use this relation to group all restaurants of a fast-food chain. Use a a combination of name=*/operator=*/network=*/brand=* to group loosely coupled and/or widely distributed features - relations are not categories!

See the proposal page for more context and examples.

How to Map

Create a relation and add type=site. In addition, the relation must have a main tag defining whatever feature the site relation describes. E.g. amenity=university, site=parking, power=plant, ...

To the characteristics all necessary tags are added:

Then the members are added without having to specify a role.

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