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The proposal Door was built without a vote and the tagging is widely established based on this proposal. The Feature Page for the proposal Door is located at Key:door.

Door Values
Proposal status: Inactive (inactive)
Proposed by: species
Tagging: door=*
Applies to: node
Definition: specifies types of doors

Rendered as: Only high zoom: Door swinging icon.png,Door sliding icon.png,Door revolving icon.png,Door folding-icon.png.Door trapdoor.png
Draft started: 2014-06-08
RFC start: 2014-06-10

Key:door values

A door is a movable structure, allowing entrance into in an enclosed space through changing its profile. [¹]

The values of the door-Tag should be used to describe different types of doors. This is relevant for wheelchair users, walking disabled persons or parents with strollers to choose a door model they prefer.


Use the door=* values to add information about the door model to a Node on a building outline.

The primary usage of the door can be tagged with the established Tag entrance=*.

One can use the established tag automatic_door=yes/continuous/button/slowdown_button/camera/floor/infrared/no to tag an automatic door in addition to the door type.


Key Value Comment Icon Photo
door hinged The 'common' swinging door. Door swinging icon.png
Via della colonna 22, casa con stemma 02.JPG
door sliding A sliding door, e.g. in a shop. Door sliding icon.png
Chicken Shed Theatre at Southgate - - 3534.jpg
door revolving A revolving door, e.g in a shopping centre. Door revolving icon.png
Revolving Door.jpg
door folding A folding door - allows smaller footprint. Door folding-icon.png
Eingeweiht durch Jardim.jpg
door trapdoor A trapdoor - a hatch. Flush with the surface of the floor. Door trapdoor.png
Eschenheimer-Turm Falltuer 02122009.JPG
door overhead A Garage door - mostly rolling from overhead. Used mainly for vehicles, not humans.
Garage door sliding up.jpg
door loadingdock The door for a loading dock - mostly an overhead door, but usually not at the same level on the inside and outside, as they provide access to a hgv's load floor.

Deprecated as of 2022-09-28: use amenity=loading_dock instead
Loading dock.jpg
door yes Use this if the exact model is not known - refine later!
door no If the door itself is removed or the entrance is simply a hole in the wall, set the value to no.
Carved doorway into the Qutb Minar complex.jpg
door user defined If not listed, add own values here


Example renderings for the "door" key are included in the JOSM style “Wheelchair Routing Attributes” - the icons can be seen in the table above.

Additional Properties - to be discussed in RFC phase

Opening Direction: "door:opening"

The opening direction (as viewed from OUTSIDE the building/room) may be specified with the subkey "door:opening" =inside/outside/both

 This approach is no longer viable - see F3DB#Solution_B
Key Value Comment Icon Photo
door:opening inside For a person entering, the door opens in direction of movement.
door:opening outside For a person entering, the door has to be opened against the direction of movement.
door:opening both The door opens in either way.

Handle type: "door:handle"

For disabled persons it is sometimes crucial to know the handle type, as e.g. knobs are harder to use.

To be discussed: how to tag different handle mechanisms on the inside and outside?

Key Value Comment Icon Photo
door:handle knob a knob.
Gold doorknob.jpg
door:handle lever a lever.
Door Handle.JPG
door:handle crash_bar A horizontal bar that must be pushed against the door. The door always opens in direction of the push. Commonly found on emergency exits.
Panic bar.jpg
door:handle ring A mounted ring where one can pull to open the door. Maybe also act as a sort of door bell.
Doorknob buddhist temple detail amk.jpg
door:handle hole A hole in the door where one can pull to open the door.

Nr of wings: "door:wings"

If known, add the number of wings with the tag "door:wings"=n (defaults to 1).

Opening Direction "door:opening_direction"

For some wheelchair users it is easier to open doors facing either left or right. Add "door:opening_direction" with the value "left" or "right", viewed from the OUTSIDE of the building/room.

 This approach is no longer viable - see F3DB#Solution_B

Features from Steps applied

This is open for debate!

Often there is one or more steps built into the door, which is a major hurdle for disabled persons.

I would like to add some properties from highway=steps, to simplify mapping of complex situations. With the current tagging scheme, one has to add a 20cm-piece of highway=steps, step_count=1 before (or after) the door to make it possible for routers to choose doors suitable for the disabled. Why not add these properties directly to the door, when in reality it is basically integrated into the door?

Key Value Comment Icon Photo
step_count integer The amount of steps in the entrance.
Hôtel 4 rue Clémenceau Aix-en-Provence.JPG
e.g. step_count=1
ramp yes/no If a ramp is provided.
St James Church, Piccadilly - Doorway - - 834559.jpg
ramp:stroller yes/no If a stroller ramp is provided.
Steps with stroller ramp.jpg
ramp:incline number in %, but without the "%"-sign For wheelchair users, the maximum percentage of the ramp is crucial.


yes/no For some disabled, e.g. people walking on crutches handrails may be an easement.
2014-07-18 Flowers and candles on the doorstep of Embassy of Netherlands in Estonia.jpg

Features/Pages affected

After approving, I would like to cleanup the values used mentioned on taginfo.

  • rotating (9) → revolving
  • door=manual (380) → door=yes & automatic_door=no
  • door=automatic (108) → door=yes & automatic_door=yes
  • yes,␣manual (31) → door=yes & automatic_door=no
  • swinging (2) → hinged
  • wood (6) → door=yes & material=wood
  • entrance (2) → door=yes & entrance=yes
  • emergency_exit (1) → door=yes & entrance=emergency
  • door=door (1) → door=yes

Maybe The highway=steps page has to be modified to allow its properties on nodes too. To be discussed!

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Not yet started.