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Public-images-osm logo.svg amenity = loading_dock
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A loading dock. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: Amenities
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The tag amenity=loading_dock is used to map loading dock for heavy goods vehicles. Most other entrances to buildings are mapped with the key entrance=*.

How to map

Place a node (node) with the tag amenity=loading_dock at the location of the loading dock on the building's way (i.e. its outline).

Additional tags

  • ref=* Describes the number or reference of the loading dock.
  • colour=* - Describes the colour of the loading dock (door or inside).
  • capacity=* - If you map multiple doors with one node, you can use this tag to specify the number of doors. If not explicitly tagged, capacity=1 is assumed.
  • height=* - Describes the height of the loading dock.
  • width=* - Describes the width of the loading dock.
  • maxheight=* - Describes the max height allowed to enter the loading dock.
  • access=* - Describes who is allowed to enter the loading dock.
  • maxwidth=* - Describes the max width allowed to enter the loading dock.
  • operator=* - Describes the operator of the loading dock.
  • automatic_door=* - Describes whether the loading dock's door is automatic or not.
  • door=* - Describes which kind of door the loading dock has.


A loading dock:

See also

  • entrance=* - Loading docks are a type of entrance
  • HGV - Other tags related to heavy goods vehicles