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Public-images-osm logo.svg payment:coins:denominations
Accepted payment at a parking ticket machine in Dresden.jpg
Coins that are accepted at this feature. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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payment:coins:denominations=* and payment:notes:denominations=* are used to document the  denominations of coins and banknotes that are accepted at a feature. For example, a vending machine might only accept 50 cent, €1 and €2 coins.

When (not) to use these tags

These tags should only be used on features that are already tagged with payment:cash=*, payment:coins=* or payment:notes=*. They are especially useful for vending machines, but can also be used on shops or amenities.

For vending machines that create elongated coins, coin:type=* is used instead of this key.

Don't tag common practices

These tags should only be used when a feature deviates from the common practice for this type of feature in a country, or if such a common practice does not exist.

In Germany, shops usually accept all denominations, so POIs where this is the case don't need to be tagged. The payment:*:denominations tags should only be used in case of a deviation from that practice. For example, if a gas station in Germany does not accept €200 and €500 banknotes, payment:notes:denominations=5 EUR;10 EUR;20 EUR;50 EUR;100 EUR should be added to the POI. With vending machines in Germany, on the other hand, you can't find such a common practice. They usually only accept a limited set of denominations, but it depends on the machine which these are. They can therefore always be tagged.

In Italy, 1 cent and 2 cent coins are usually not accepted in shops. Therefore, shops accepting all denominations should be tagged (and also shops that additionally don't accept other denominations).

How to map

Add the accepted denominations of the feature to the value of the tag in the format <denomination> <currency>;<denomination> <currency>;... adhering to the following formatting rules:

  • Denominations smaller than the basic monetary unit are formatted with a decimal dot (e.g. 0.20).
  • Denomination and currency are separated by a space (e.g. 1 EUR).
  • Currencies are specified using their three letter  ISO 4217 code (e.g. USD for United States dollar).
  • Multiple denomination/currency pairs are separated by a semicolon (e.g. 1 EUR;2 EUR)
  • They are sorted in ascending value
  • They are grouped by currency
  • Currencies are ordered alphabetically (e.g. 10 DKK;20 DKK;1 EUR;2 EUR)


Image Tagging
Detail picture of a parking ticket machine showing 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, 50cent, 1 Euro and 2 Euro coins payment:coins=yes

payment:coins:denominations=0.05 EUR;0.10 EUR;0.20 EUR;0.50 EUR;1 EUR;2 EUR


Payment options on parking ticket machine in Japan.jpg

payment:coins:denominations=100 JPY;500 JPY


payment:notes:denominations=1000 JPY

No 200 or 500 € notes - 20220429 135559-cropped.jpg payment:notes=yes

payment:notes:denominations=5 EUR;10 EUR;20 EUR;50 EUR;100 EUR