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Group: Education
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This key is generally used to classify an amenity=school by its type.


Some of the most common values correspond to local age-based school classification systems:

Other common values indicate a specialization, which may overlap with one of the age-based classifications above:

school=yes is another common value that in most cases should be removed in favor of amenity=school. However, in some cases, it may indicate some other relationship to a school that needs individual cleanup attention.


Normally, tag values are spelled according to British English, but many local school classification systems employ words that do not translate one-for-one to British English. Several countries have adopted subkeys that accept values in the local language without the need for translation. Some common country-dependent subkeys as of May 2022:

Other uses

School entrances

Some mappers have tagged the entrance to a school building or schoolgrounds as school=entrance (see Homonymous keys). However, entrance=* is the approved key for any kind of entrance, including school entrances. (The main entrance would be entrance=main.) As of May 2022, 1,729 entrances are tagged school=entrance and 290 are tagged school=entrance entrance=*. Presumably there are many more entrance=* nodes on amenity=school or building=school ways.

School bus routes

On type=route and type=route_master relations, school=yes indicates that a route is intended for transporting students. For example, in conjunction with route=bus, it distinguishes a school bus route from a general-purpose bus route. As of May 2022, this combination is present on 79 route relations, most of them in Paris.

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