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The type of school. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: education
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This key is generally used to classify an amenity=school by its type.


Some of the most common values correspond to local age-based school classification systems:

Other common values indicate a specialization, which may overlap with one of the age-based classifications above:

school=yes is another common value that in most cases should be removed in favor of amenity=school. However, in some cases, it may indicate some other relationship to a school that needs individual cleanup attention.

Subkeys and regional mapping schemes

Normally, tag values are spelled according to British English, but many local school classification systems employ words that do not translate one-for-one to British English. Several countries have adopted subkeys that accept values in the local language without the need for translation. Some common country-dependent subkeys as of May 2022:

Other countries have a tagging scheme or tagging conventions that is compatible with school=*:

Values in the United Kingdom

These are the values that should be used in the United Kingdom, according to how schools are legally classified.

Note: Values may be combined with semicolons, e.g. school=primary;secondary to denote an  all-through school.

Other uses

School bus routes

On type=route and type=route_master relations, school=yes indicates that a route is intended for transporting students. For example, in conjunction with route=bus, it distinguishes a school bus route from a general-purpose bus route. As of May 2022, this combination is present on 79 route relations, most of them in Paris.

Possible tagging mistakes

School entrances

Some mappers have tagged the entrance to a school building or school grounds as school=entrance in the past. However this tag/value combination is now deprecated; entrance=* is the approved key for any kind of entrance, including school entrances (the main entrance would be entrance=main).

If you know places with this tag, verify if it could be tagged with another tag.
Automated edits are strongly discouraged unless you really know what you are doing!

See also

  • training=* - The type of training provided by a feature
  • Education features - Used to describe education features.
  • school:*=* - namespace - "school" is the prefix for several school:* keys to give more details about the school in question.
  • grades=* - Which grades of educational stages any educational facility provides
  • school_bus=* - for indicating whether a school bus (as opposed to other kinds of buses) can legally travel on a roadway or use a parking lot