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Group: clubs
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Cadet clubs are primarily for older children, usually aged between 12 and 18 years old, and are intended to introduce them to the operations of many organisations. These include the emergency services (e.g. police, fire, and ambulance) and the military (e.g. navy, army, and air force). They are broadly similar, but also somewhat different, to Scouts / Guides clubs, teaching skills such as team work and leadership, as well as service-specific skills such as first-aid or sailing.

Cadet units can be found in a variety of locations: in the operational station, or military base, of their parent group; within the grounds of secondary schools and colleges; and in community centres.


This suggested values for types of cadet groups below are not exhaustive, and may not apply to all countries.

Type Key Role
Police cadet=police Cadet groups based on a country's Police forces.
Fire cadet=fire Cadet groups based on a country's Fire Service.
Ambulance cadet=ambulance Cadet groups based on a country's Ambulance Service.
Emergency Services cadet=emergency_services Cadet groups based on a country's Emergency Services.
Military cadet=military Cadet groups based on a country's Military Forces.
Lifeguard cadet=lifeguard Cadet groups based on a country's Lifeguard Services / Clubs.