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Public-images-osm logo.svg cadet = military
A facility where military cadet groups meet.
Group: clubs
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesshould not be used on waysmay be used on areas (and multipolygon relations)should not be used on relations (except multipolygon relations)
Status: approvedPage for proposal

This tag is to be used to map the locations where military cadet groups meet.


Military cadets, despite their name, are usually not members of a country's military and cannot be conscripted to fight in a conflict. Instead, they are similar to Guides/Scouts groups, but with instruction often being given by members of the military (either regular or reserve members).

The use of cadet as a rank within the military (e.g. Officer Cadet for an officer-in-training) is separate from military cadets.

How to map

Locations where military cadet groups meet should be tagged with club=cadet + cadet=military + military_service=*, where the military service tag identifies the sponsoring military service (even though the cadets themselves are usually not part of that military service).

Where the cadet group occupies it's own exclusive building, draw an area around that building, and tag it as:
building=yes + club=cadet + cadet=military + military_service=*.

As cadets are not usually considered part of a country's military, their buildings should not be tagged as landuse=military, military=base, military=barracks or similar. On those occasions when a cadet building is located on the grounds of an active military establishment, it will however, still be included inside that area's landuse=military.

If the cadet group shares space in a multi-use building, e.g. a school building or community centre, map the building itself appropriately (if not already mapped), then add a node to that building with the above tags.

Common Tags


The format for entering the name / designation for each Unit should be:
name=* <ID> <Location> <Unit Type,> <Organisation>, (depending on the exact formatting of each Unit's title).

for example:
TS Vampire, Australian Navy Cadets

2827 Port Moody & Coquitlam, Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps

2457 (Tring) Squadron, Air Training Corps

The Southport School Combined Cadet Unit

The Unit Type and Organisation name should always be spelled out fully e.g. Squadron, not Sqn, and Air Training Corps, rather than ATC, for clarity and to prevent confusion. "Ship" names however e.g. TS (Training Ship) or HMCS (Her Majesty's Canadian Ship) are, by tradition, always abbreviated


operator=*, once again including the full name e.g. operator=Australian Air Force Cadets, rather than just Air Cadets, so as to prevent possible confusion between different countries.

If you know the Wikidata code for that operator, that can also be included as: operator:wikidata=*


Use the normal opening_hours=* to show what time/s the Group meets i.e. the time that the Cadets are usually there, not permanent staff / instructors e.g. opening_hours=Tu 18:00-21:00