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Oulu barracks Jul-Aug2008 001.jpg
Buildings where military personnel live and sleep Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: military
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 Military barracks where military personnel live and sleep, normally part of a larger military base or installation.

This tag is not to be used to map the locations of such groups as youth-based Military Cadets (although Cadet training depots may be found inside a Base), military historical or re-enactment groups, or Veterans groups.

How to map

Draw the outline area of the area.

If the barracks are located inside a military base (which may sometimes be called "Something Barracks") then the base as a whole should be tagged as military=base. Only the individual buildings, or part of the base, where service personnel sleep and live should be tagged as barracks.


Prior to January 2021, this tag was defined as "Military barracks where soldiers live and work", and on older features this tag may still have this meaning, which is similar to the newer tag military=base.


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