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An exclusion zone around something like a firing range Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Military
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A danger area is the area in which danger to the life or health of humans and animals or damage to the environment or property can be expected or at least expected.

Usually a large marked area around something like a firing range, bombing range, etc. which is an exclusion zone.

The area usualy must not be entered as there's danger of unexploded ammunition.

How to map

Draw an area area of the exlusion zone and add the following tags:

  • military=danger_area mandatory
  • landuse=military (described in past as mandatory, in practise military=danger_area is frequently used to tag nonmilitary areas like shooting ranges)
  • name=* (if applicable)


Danger area in general Military

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E.g. contamination with
unexploded ammunition
E.g. military shooting range

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