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A facility where youth Cadet groups meet
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This tag is to be used to map the locations where various Youth Cadet groups meet, together with details of each group.


Youths, usually aged ~12-18, make up Cadet groups which are intended to introduce them to the operations of many organisations, frequently Emergency (Police, Fire & Ambulance), as well as the various Military, Services. They are broadly similar, but also somewhat different, to Scouts / Guides.

Cadet units can be found in a variety of locations: in the operational station of their parent group; within the grounds of Secondary Schools / Colleges; in the case of Military Cadets, frequently inside actual Military bases; while in other cases, they meet in Community Centres.

How to Map

Actual mapping would be as either an area or a node, depending on where the group is located.

Where the group occupies it's own exclusive building, draw an area around that building, and tag it as:
building=yes + club=cadet + cadet=*.

If the group shares space in a multi-use building e.g. an operational Emergency Station, School or Community Centre, map the building itself (if it's not already mapped) as building=* (e.g. fire_station; school; community_centre), then add a node to that building as: club=cadet + cadet=*.

If two Cadet groups share the same building e.g. both an Army and an Air Cadet unit, tag as:
building=yes + club=cadet, then add two nodes, in this case
club=cadet + cadet=army and also club=cadet + cadet=air, each with their own details.

In the case of Military Cadets, then the building is NOT to be tagged with landuse=military, as Cadets are NOT considered to be part of a country's Military forces. On those occasions when the Cadet building is located on the grounds of an actual military establishment, it will however, still be included under that area's landuse=military.

Similarly, separate cadet buildings are not to be tagged as Police, Fire or Ambulance etc Stations.

Common Tags


Tagging will be in the format:
club=cadet + cadet=* = Police / Fire / Ambulance / SES etc, based on the it's parent group; or, for Military cadets, as Sea / Army / Air / Joint. - N.B. Format for Military Cadets is still under discussion

The format of the name will (eventually) be discussed on the home page of each "type" of cadet group


operator=*, including the full name e.g. operator=Queensland State Emergency Service

If you know the Wikidata code for that operator, that can also be included as: operator:wikidata=*


Use the normal opening_hours=* tag to show what time/s the Group meets i.e. the time that the Cadets are usually there, not permanent staff / instructors e.g. opening_hours=Tu 18:00-21:00


This suggested values for types of Cadet groups below are not exhaustive, and may not apply to all countries.

Type Tag Role Notes
Police cadet=police Cadet groups based on a country's Police forces.
Fire cadet=fire Cadet groups based on a country's Fire Service.
Ambulance cadet=ambulance Cadet groups based on a country's Ambulance Service.
[] cadet=emergency_services Cadet groups based on a country's Emergency Services.
Military cadet=military Cadet groups based on a country's Military Forces N.B. Format still being discussed!


Unlikely to be rendered, as very few Clubs are. Open to suggestions of what would be appropriate?

Features/Pages affected

This tag would be listed on the club=* page under "Other"