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Public-images-osm logo.svg landuse = education
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An area predominately used for educational purposes/facilities. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Landuse
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landuse=education is a generic landuse tag for an area predominately used for educational purposes/facilities.

Educational facilities here means primarily amenity=kindergarten, amenity=school, amenity=college and amenity=university. Other facilities that are more commercial educational facilities, such as amenity=dancing_school, amenity=driving_school and so on tend not to be covered by this landuse and fall under landuse=commercial.

A landuse=education usually exist in conjunction with an amenity=kindergarten;school;college;university. This connection can either exist at the area itself, or as elements within this area, or through membership in a Relation:site.

Use cases

Single facilities

For an area/ground that is only used by one facility. In this case it is not necessary to use landuse=education because the amenity=kindergarten;school;college;university already imply the landuse. However, it is optional that these areas are also marked with landuse=education.

A good example is the Harrison school in Canberra, Australia:

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Multiple facilities on one site

If multiple facilities share one ground, the ground is mapped as landuse=education. If necessary, if the terrain has its own name, this can be specified via the key name=*. Inside the education-area the different facilities should be marked as nodes or as buildings.

A good example is the Schulzentrum Ottobeuren in Ottobeuren, Germany:

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See also

  • amenity=university – A university, an institute of Higher Education
  • amenity=college – An institute of Further Education or Continuing Education, e.g. a Community, Junior or Career college.
  • amenity=school – A primary or secondary school (pupils typically aged 6 to 18)
  • amenity=kindergarten – A kindergarten or preschool

Transition (amenity=school)

Before the introduction of landuse=education grounds shared by multiple educational facilities have sometimes been mapped as an (additional) amenity=school. In cases where this entity refers only to the grounds and not the educational facilities tagged separately within, consider adding the landuse=education tag to it. The amenity=school tag can stay until rendering support for landuse=education has landed in order not to degrade the map for users in the mean time. Then please add a fixme=Remove amenity=school when landuse=education is rendered.

For newly mapped grounds containing multiple schools, mappers should map as discribed in Use Cases and amenity=school. See also Tagging for the renderer.

Possible tagging mistakes

If you know places with this tag, verify if it could be tagged with another tag.
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