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COVID-19 vaccination center, fair grounds Cologne-6467.jpg
A healthcare facility where people are vaccinated Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: health
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The tag healthcare=vaccination_centre may be used to map a vaccination centre: a healthcare facility specifically dedicated to administering vaccinations to individuals, to provide immunisation against infectious diseases.

This tag should be used for locations which are specifically designed or designated for vaccination, and which are not a general clinic (amenity=clinic), hospital (amenity=hospital) or doctor's office (amenity=doctors).

These centres may be located in permanent structures and intended for long-term use for multiple vaccination programs, or might be semi-permanent or short-term facilities located in tents or other mobile structures which are designed for a single vaccination campaign.

How to map

Draw the area of the building or vaccination centre, or place a node at the center, and add the tag healthcare=vaccination_centre.

vaccination=* can be used to specify the specific vaccination or vaccinations which are available at the location, e.g. vaccination=covid19.

In non-pandemic situations, most vaccinations are given at healthcare facilities which are used for other purposes, e.g. at a clinic where physicians and nurses also provide primary health care. In that case the appropriate feature tag (e.g. amenity=clinic or amenity=doctors) should be used with vaccination=*, instead of using healthcare=vaccination_centre.

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A COVID-19 vaccination centre: https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/74916156


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16px:Vaccination centre 2.5D.svg

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