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Public-images-osm logo.svg amenity = health_post
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A village or neighborhood health post, without a physician Edit or translate this description.
Group: Health
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A health post is an establishment for providing health care, without a nurse or doctor. It is smaller than a hospital or clinic.

This tag is not in worldwide use (overpass-turbo search).

In some countries this tag is used for a Health Post in a neighborhood or village where a nurse is the primary medical provider.

In other countries, it is used for village health posts which have a community health worker or midwife who is not a nurse or doctor.

How to map

Use the tag amenity=health_post on a node node placed at the centrepoint of the building, or on a closed way (area) area drawn around the perimeter of the building.

In addition to this tag, some mappers add healthcare=nurse or healthcare=community_health_worker to inform about the reference person.

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