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RWB Krankenhaus.svg
A hospital providing in-patient medical treatment
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amenity=hospital is used for hospitals, i.e. institutions for health care providing treatment by specialised staff and equipment, and typically providing nursing care for longer-term patient stays.

In contrast, a medical centre with doctors for outpatient care only should be tagged amenity=clinic, and an individual doctor's office as amenity=doctors.

How to map

Draw an area Area around the grounds of the hospital, and add the amenity=hospital tag to it. If the area is no known, add a node Node at the centre of the hospital.

You can name it with name=*.

If you know whether or not the hospital in question is equipped to deal with emergencies - this is called A&E (accidents and emergencies) in the UK and ER (emergency room) in the US - then you can add emergency=* with a value of "yes" or "no".

You may see the amenity=hospital tag on an area alongside a building=yes (or building=hospital tag), where there is a single building outline for the hospital, however the normal approach is draw an area enveloping the hospital grounds and one or more areas with building tags inside this area. It's quite common to have a large hospital campus with multiple buildings. Note that the buildings should not carry the amenity=hospital tag. One feature, one OSM element. One hospital, one area tagged amenity=hospital. This is in line with recommendations for other types of institution such as schools and universities.

Building entrances can be mapped with a node on the building outline, with the tag entrance=yes. Likewise an entrance to the grounds of the hospital might be mapped as a node with barrier=*. This node would also be part of a footway or service road from the main road network so that it is possible to route to the entrance of the hospital.


Currently often rendered like this:

Symbol Hospital-16.svg
Mapnik render Amenity hospital image for wiki key page.png

There are more rendering suggestions, depending on the value of emergency=*, on Proposed_features/Hospital:_Emergency.



name=Hospital for Tropical Diseases


name=Royal London Hospital

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