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Group: Amenities
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Status: unspecified

Unclear meaning.

For place with drinking water use more specific amenity=drinking_water is typically used.

man_made=water_tap may be added if it is a water tap to clarify situation.

man_made=water_tap with drinking_water=no is typically used to indicate tap without drinking water

Currently used for places to get arbitrary water; often, these will be open water tanks found in cemetaries that can fill up with either rain water, or water from a tap.

"Looks to come from 'wetap' http://wetap.org/ .. ? Probably bubblers .. Warin61 (talk) 04:02, 1 March 2015 (UTC)"

See Also

  • amenity=drinking_water
  • amenity=water_point is a place to get larger amounts of drinking water, usually for caravans, RV's, or boats.
  • amenity=watering_place is a place where animals drink water
  • natural=spring is used where water flows naturally out of the ground.
    • These may have a fountain built around it. For example see Roman Bath in Bath, U.K.
  • amenity=fountain is a fountain for used for cultural, decorational and/or recreational purposes.
  • man_made=water_well is a man made excavation in the ground to gain water from an aquifer.
  • disused=* is used as a method of marking broken fountains.
  • wetap:status=* is a single-project marking of fountains in need of repair, which leaves them on most maps. It should not be used at all due to spammy name.