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A fountain for cultural / decorational / recreational purposes. Edit or translate this description.
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A fountain for cultural / decorational / recreational purposes.

This might range from the usual fountain that you'll find in lots of city centers, up to large fountains like the Trevi Fountain in Rome that can act as a landmark and is also a tourism=attraction. The water of those fountains is often not suitable for drinking.


Draw a node nodes or an area areas and tag with amenity=fountain. The area should encompass the whole water basin.

Please tag a dedicated drinking fountain as amenity=drinking_water. If providing drinking water is not the primary use of a fountain but the water is drinkable nonetheless use drinking_water=yes (see the tag page for more detailed tagging).

Please tag springs as natural=spring with drinking_water=yes.

Other useful generic tags :

  • name=* - The name of the fountain.
  • drinking_water=yes/no - Indication whether a feature provides drinking water
  • lit=yes/no - Are there lights shining on/in the fountain?
  • fountain=* - A tag to indicate the subtype of the fountain

Related tags

  • natural=water - for water basin that very often surrounds fountain or is part of it
  • amenity=drinking_water - Place to get "drinking water" for personal usage (hiking, spa, ...). Also used for drinking fountains.
  • amenity=water_point - Place to get larger amounts of "drinking water" e.g. for caravans
  • natural=spring - Water flowing out of the ground. May have a fountain build around (see Roman Bath in Bath, U.K)
  • man_made=water_well - A man made excavation in the ground to gain water from an aquifer.



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