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Public-images-osm logo.svg fountain
Pigna-S Eustachio-Colonna - Nasone alla Rotonda.JPG
indicates the type of a fountain or drinking water fountain Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: water management
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may be used on nodesshould not be used on waysmay be used on areas (and multipolygon relations)should not be used on relations (except multipolygon relations)
Documented values: 10
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Status: de facto

The key fountain=* is used to map the type of fountains amenity=fountain and drinking water fountains amenity=drinking_water and similar water features. With the currently documented values it is especially useful if many instances of the same type of fountain are deployed.

Common generic types

Picture Tag Description
Bubbler.jpeg fountain=bubbler This is a generic drinking fountain type for fountains which slightly jet the emitted water in the air for the purpose of easy drinking. It may be difficult to fill a bottle in some cases. You can use this tag for all fountains which work according to this principle, but if a more specific (sub)type is available you can use this.

Used with amenity=drinking_water

Fontanella Bolsena.jpg fountain=drinking Tag indicates a generic type of drinking fountain. If your fountain can be described with a more specific tag (e.g. fountain=bubbler), you are encouraged to use the more specific type.
note: some people (fewer instances) use fountain=drinking_fountain with the same meaning. To reduce tag fragmentation you are encouraged to use the documented variant..

Picture: drinking fountain at the Bolsena lake in Italy.

Fountain at Milan citadel.JPG fountain=decorative Tag used for decorative fountains which are not used for drinking water or not anymore
GM Plaza and Promenade.JPG fountain=splash_pad Tag indicates a splash pad or spray pool. See also: playground=splash_pad

Picture: splash pad on the Detroit Riverwalk.

Water nozzle.jpg fountain=nozzle Tag indicates a nozzle where water comes out. Usually this means at high velocity. Wikipedia has some information. Used in combination with amenity=fountain.
Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn August 2019 - Stierch 09.jpg fountain=bottle_refill Tag indicates a generic drinking fountain type which jets the emitted water downwards at lower pressure than a fountain=nozzle, intended to fill reusable drinking bottles. It may be difficult to obtain water directly in hands or mouth in some cases, due to features such as a large bottle sensor to activate the flow, or a recessed water nozzle. These seem to be increasingly common at transport, leisure and health facilities in GB. Should always have bottle=yes. If it is part of the same installation as a fountain you can drink directly from, use fountain=bubbler and bottle=yes in preference to creating multiple points.
Drinking Fountain, Basilica Papale di San Paolo Fuori le Mura, Roma, Italia Oct 31, 2020 02-10-43 PM.jpeg fountain=stone_block Tag indicates a generic fountain type for fountains that consist mostly of a stone block.

Picture: stone block drinking fountain near the Basilica Saint Paul outside the Walls, in Rome, IT.


Specific types of drinking water fountains

The tags in this section indicate specific types of drinking water fountains and are used in combination with amenity=drinking_water. Please use them only for those exact types and not for similar or different fountains.

Picture Tag Rendering in Röntgen Description
Nasona a via annia faustina 2.JPG fountain=nasone Tag indicates a Roman style drinking water fountain. Wikipedia has some information.
Toret - Monte dei capuccini.jpg fountain=toret Röntgen toret fountain.svg Tag indicates a particular drinking water fountain style in Turin. Wikipedia has some information.
Roman wolf fountain.JPG fountain=roman_wolf Röntgen Roman wolf fountain.svg Tag indicates a particular drinking water fountain style in Rome. It is a drinking fountain which is typical for dog parks but can also be found elsewhere. The water comes off an iron cast wolf's head and there is generally a small trough where animals can drink. The fountain itself is made from travertine.
Sebilj, Sarajevo (cropped).jpg fountain=sebilj
Tag indicates a particular drinking water fountain style in Sarajevo. See Wikipedia article Sebilj for further information.
Viktorija zdenac, Zagreb.jpg fountain=viktorija_zdenac Tag indicates a particular drinking water fountain type in Zagreb.
Drinking Fountain, The Wallace Collection, London W1 - - 1998551.jpg fountain=wallace Tag indicates a particular drinking water fountain type in Paris.

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