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Public-images-osm logo.svg man_made = drinking_fountain
Provides a small jet of drinking water. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Man made
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Status: proposed


A  drinking fountain or bubbler is a man-made device providing a small jet of water for drinking. Usually supplied by centralized water distribution and (usually) equipped with a user-accessible valve. Drinking fountains provide potable water.
The construction and operation of the  drinking fountain is significantly different from the ordinary common  fountain.

How to map

This tag value should be used on nodes node at the location of the drinking fountain. Add amenity=drinking_water in cases where it is a source of drinking water.

If there is a tap co-located then use man_made=water_tap with the tag drinking_fountain=yes, this allows the tap to have either drinking water or technical (non drinking) water.

Supplementary tags

Tags describing the water quality are usually not required as it is usually safe (potable). Only tag cases where there is some indication that the water is unsafe, the OSM default assumes that it is safe.

Alternative tags

Please note that the tag amenity=drinking_water was the first tag describing access to potable water. It fails to describe the method used to access the water. It my be useful to use additionally a more specific tag such as man_made=water_tap, man_made=water_well.


Example Photos

See also

  • fountain=* for tagging a subtype of fountain or drinking fountain