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Public-images-osm logo.svg operational_status
Observation of the current functional status of a mapped feature - now discouraged Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: lifecycle
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The key operational_status=* has been used in the past to document an observation of the current functional status of a mapped feature.

In the past this tag was sometimes used by the HDM for Humanitarian mapping projects, for example with amenity=drinking_water. It has also been used with building imports and some organized mapping activities.

Values in use

A wide variety of similar values have been used with this key, many with overlapping meanings.

Positive (functional / operational):

Negative (Not operational or function):



Note that operational_status=out_of_order and similar tags are highly problematic and are form of trolltag.

If place has no drinking water then amenity=drinking_water should not be placed there. For places where no longer working drinking fountain or some its remains are present lifecycle prefixes are more fitting. disused:amenity=drinking_water/broken:amenity=drinking_water/etc would be superior.

Expecting that all data consumers will check and exclude operational_status=broken operational_status=closed operational_status=non-operational operational_status=under_construction operational_status=non_operational and other such tags is not reasonable, as list of such values (and keys) may expand at any time.

It is similar to marking prison as tourism=hostel involuntary=yes and expecting that data consumers and other mappers will support this.

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