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Public-images-osm logo.svg pump:status
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Used to indicate whether a pump is working or not. Edit or translate this description.
Used on these elements
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Useful combination
Status: in use

Use pump:status on pumps (pump=*) to indicate whether a pump is working or not. In the case of a water pump, this means that the pump supplies water when it is used (or it does not for various reasons).

Common values

  • pump:status=ok: The pump can be operated and water flows after a certain time.
    • Suggestion for hand pumps: Pump at most 20 to 30 times. However, especially during dry seasons or after a longer period of non-use, there may be wells that only carry water after more frequent pumping attempts.
    • Note: During colder seasons, pumps might be deactivated. A function test should only be made during warmer seasons.
  • pump:status=broken: Even after longer pumping, no water flows or the pump is permanently inoperable for other reasons that are not further specified.
  • pump:status=out_of_order: The pump has been taken out of service (e.g. by an authority/the administration or the operator).
  • pump:status=missing_beam: The hand lever for pumping is missing (if its a hand pump); the pump can therefore not be operated.
  • pump:status=locked: The pump is locked, e.g. with a chain/a padlock.
  • pump:status=blocked: It is not possible to use the pump because the access is blocked. Consider using an access=* tag in this case.