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Public-images-osm logo.svg mechanical_coupling
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Mechanical power adaption and transformation equipment linking a driver to a driven device Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: mechanics
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Motion provided by mechanical_driver=*s often needs to be adapted, mechanical systems can be more complex than a simple motion source and could include a mechanical adapter (gear reducer, nodding donkey...). Torque can be adapted in different ways from a single given electric motor for instance.

mechanical_coupling=* was primarily intended for man_made=pump and couplings are passive equipment, not a motion source.


Use mechanical_coupling=* with following values on man_made=pump or any suitable device that needs adapted mechanical power to be operated.
List of values is open for extension. New values should be discussed on Talk page prior to be added here or may be proposed in a formal proposal.

Possible mechanical_coupling=* values
Key Value Comment
mechanical_coupling direct The power out of driver is directly transmitted to driven device without any adaptation nor transformation
reducer A reducer adapts rotating motion to an appropriate rotating torque for the driven device with help of gears to provide a static ratio
gearbox A gearbox adapts a rotating motion to an appropriate torque force with the ability to change ratio according to mechanical needs at a given time
nodding_donkey A nodding donkey converts the rotary movement of a motor/engine to a reciprocating motion used to drive some kind of devices.
belt A belt allows to transmit motion between two parallel axes with possibly different diameters to adapt torque.

This table is took from the approval proposal and waits to be replaced with Taglists once all values will be on this wiki.

See also

Photo Location Tagging Comments
Water centrifugal pump.jpg France

(optional mechanical_coupling=direct)

A pump which runs with an electric motor help. Rotation from the motor is directly transmitted to pump mechanism without any adaptation
Motor belt.jpg France


A pump that runs with an electric motor on parallel axes. Both pump and motor are behind the blue casing and the belt transmit the rotation