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The motion source powering a device Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: mechanics
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Mechanical drivers are defined as mechanical energy converters and the main source of power for several mechanisms such as pumps. They can work from many sources of energy: electricity, steam, wind, electromagnetic forces, etc.
Drivers are only motion sources and require a mechanical_coupling=* to transmit the power to the mechanism they power.

mechanical_driver=* was intended for man_made=pump and shouldn't be confused with actuator=* which describe devices intended to mechanically control some processes and don't act as primary motion sources (open a door or a barrier for instance).
It can give more information about how pumps are powered when used in combination with pump=powered or pump=manual.


Use mechanical_driver=* with following values on man_made=pump or any suitable device that needs mechanical power to be operated.
List of values is open for extension. New values should be discussed on Talk page prior to be added here or may be proposed in a formal proposal.

Possible mechanical_driver=* values
Key Value Comment
mechanical_driver manual Hands as the main way to drive a device
electric_motor An electric motor or regular engine converts electricity or combustion to mechanical energy and drives devices with rotary motion
combustion_engine A combustion engine is a regular combustion motor fed by oil or gasoline to produce a rotary movement
reciprocating_solenoid A solenoid can be used to produce reciprocating motion used to drive some kind of devices. This video shows it in action for a pump
cylinder Pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders are used as drivers for devices requiring reciprocating motion. See this double diaphragm pump.
turbine A turbine runner provides mechanical power out of a liquid or gaseous fluid kinetic energy flowing at a positive pressure in a closed space.

This table is took from the approval proposal and waits to be replaced with Taglists once all values will be on this wiki.

handle=* could be used in combination with mechanical_driver=manual.

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