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Signifies the legal status of headlight use on certain stretches of road (e.g. required, allowed, prohibited, etc.) Edit or translate this description.
Group: Restrictions
Used on these elements
should not be used on nodesmay be used on waysmay be used on areasmay be used on relations
Documented values: 1

highway=* or boundary=administrative

Status: approvedPage for proposal



Tags for roads
tag=value description MUTCD signage Vienna Convention signage Other signage
headlight=required Use of headlights is always required by law MUTCD R16-7.svg R16-7, MUTCD R16-8.svg R16-8, R16-10, S30-1(CA) 🇪🇸 R-413
🇫🇷 B29
🇵🇦 R-34
headlight=allowed Use of headlights is allowed but not legally required (likely should not be specifically tagged, just useful to know the signs that end the headlight=required required section) R16-11, MUTCD R16-9.svg R16-9 🇪🇸 S-24
🇫🇷 B49
SADC: TR133-600
headlight=recommended Use of headlights is officially recommended but not required D-500 (Canada) 🇨🇳 警-40
headlight:conditional=required @ wet Use of headlights is required while it is raining MUTCD R16-6.svg R16-6
Use of headlights is required when using windshield wipers (due to rain, snow, dense fog, dust, etc.) MUTCD R16-5.svg R16-5
headlight=prohibited Use of headlights is prohibited 🇨🇴 SR-35
🇵🇦 R-35

The above tags should be used on roads after an official sign (such as the examples in the above table) requires, recommends, prohibits, etc. headlights. In the US, this means tagging headlight=required in between and (known and often mapped as a "Daytime Headlight Section").

Please note the headlight or headlamp is often not the same as the daytime running lights (DRL), see Headlamp on Wikipedia. Thus, for eample the requirement for DRL in European Union since 2011 is not resulting in headlight=required.


Data Consumers should take into account country-wide (or area-wide) laws when assuming values for untagged ways (`no` in the US, Spain, etc. and `yes` in Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, etc.).

Mappers and Data Providers should take into account the same country-wide (or area-wide) laws when assigning values. It would be extremely redundant to tag headlight=required on every road in a country where that is the default. In these cases, the tag should be removed. It may, however, be a good idea to tag the country itself one way or another so that Data Consumers have an easily accesible default. For example: countries where headlights are required at all times could be tagged with headlight=required, countries where headlights are required outside of cities or urban areas could be tagged with headlight:conditional=required @ rural, and countries which officially recommend but do not legally require headlights at all times could be tagged with headlight=recommended as the default but still may have headlight=required signed sections.


Proposed Feature page: Proposed features/Key:headlight