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See for human-readable platform status (also on Fediverse at

For more technical versions:

See for a current list of OSMF Servers and links to Prometheus (formerly Munin) statistics.

There are numerous third-party services which are used by OSM mappers and may have own outages, for example Sophox or OSMCha. Their issue trackers may have info about outages, if applicable (remember to check closed issues before opening new ones).

Service Description Server Status
(manually updated, no real time information)
Other community services not operated directly by the OpenStreetMap Foundation
Tiles-FR Tile server for the French rendering style, the Humanitarian style (with worldwide coverage), and some other styles specific for France External (OSM France) OK Map demo:
Tiles-DE Tile server for the German Style (with worldwide coverage) External (OSM Germany/FOSSGIS e.V.) OK Map demo:
Tiles-BE Tile server for the Belgian rendering style (covers Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and bordering regions in France and Germany External (OSM Belgium) OK Map demo:
Tiles-NL Tile server for the Dutch style (covering only Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg) External (OSM Netherlands) DOWN Map demo:
Overpass Turbo A web interface to build and execute queries via Overpass API servers and render them instantly on a map. Create/edit/store/share queries, and select one of the Overpass API servers below to submit your queries. External OK Website:
(temporary backup in case of problems:
Overpass API servers The Overpass API is a read-only API that serves up custom selected parts of the OSM map data. It acts as a database over the web: the client sends a query to the API and gets back the data set that corresponds to the query.
External (OSM Germany/FOSSGIS e.V.) Areas outdated URL (only for submitting queries): // (status)
External (OSM Switzerland). Contains data from Switzerland only. OK URL (only for submitting queries): // (contact)
XAPI XAPI compatibility layer provided by Overpass API External (OSM Germany/FOSSGIS e.V.) Partially Disabled URL (only for submitting queries): // is currently disabled, see this post
External (OSM Switzerland). Contains data from Switzerland only. OK URL (only for submitting queries): //
uMap Server for creating and hosting maps with custom data on top of a background OSM map, that can be integrated in various websites External (OSM France). Main instance, multilingual, worldwide coverage. OK
External (Framasoft, France). OK
External (OSM Switzerland). OK
Sophox Data analysis and visualization tool External Not completely OK Sophox/sophox/issues
OSM data is currently no longer being updated, queries return incomplete results from June 2021.

See also Servers, Domain names (and Featured tile layers for the various map rendering services).