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Overall Status: Up and running

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OpenStreetMap Uptime / Status report (third-party performance report)

Service Description Server Status Notes
munin Network and servers monitoring Gorilla-server.svgurmel OK Detailed daily stats on critical problems and warnings
Network and firewall switches at UCL: 1, 2 OK Detailed daily graphs on network daily stats
Servers OK Detailed daily graphs on system daily stats
DNS Domain name server for Gorilla-server.svgshenron (management), external (hosting by Bytemark) OK
geoDNS IP geolocation for websites and tile serving CDN Gorilla-server.svgshenron OK
mail Mail server and mailing lists manager Gorilla-server.svgshenron OK
IRC Instant messaging and talk channels Gorilla-server.svgshenron OK
help Help system (based on OSQA) Gorilla-server.svgshenron OK
Forum Forums supported by Gorilla-server.svgclifford (sponsored by Oxilion) OK Website:
wiki This documentation wiki Gorilla-server.svgouroboros OK Version and statistics (for the job queue, see site info statistics: if the job queue counter continues growing, some background workers will not update categories to reindex some edited pages or templates and purge their content, and notifications sent to subcribers will be delayed)
www Website including 'The Map' homepage Gorilla-server.svgspike-01, Gorilla-server.svgspike-02, Gorilla-server.svgspike-03, Gorilla-server.svgspike-04, Gorilla-server.svgspike-05 OK
iD Online web editor (default) Gorilla-server.svgspike-01, Gorilla-server.svgspike-02, Gorilla-server.svgspike-03, Gorilla-server.svgspike-04, Gorilla-server.svgspike-05 OK
Potlatch Online Flash editor (legacy) Gorilla-server.svgspike-01, Gorilla-server.svgspike-02, Gorilla-server.svgspike-03, Gorilla-server.svgspike-04, Gorilla-server.svgspike-05 OK
piwik Web site statistics and analytics Gorilla-server.svgeustace OK Website: (restricted access)
api OSM API Gorilla-server.svgthorn-01, Gorilla-server.svgthorn-02, Gorilla-server.svgthorn-03, Gorilla-server.svgthorn-04, Gorilla-server.svgthorn-05 OK Detailed graphs for active requests, wait times, requests processed, and and other internal statistics are available on OSM API daily stats.
db The OSM database Gorilla-server.svgkatla (master), Gorilla-server.svgramoth (secondary)
also slave servers used for further services below: Gorilla-server.svgdulcy, Gorilla-server.svgerrol, Gorilla-server.svgfafnir, Gorilla-server.svgorm, Gorilla-server.svgpoldi, Gorilla-server.svgpummelzacken, Gorilla-server.svgridley, Gorilla-server.svgscorch, Gorilla-server.svgshenron, Gorilla-server.svgvial, Gorilla-server.svgyevaud
OK Detailed graphs for database size, replication lags, connections, and other internal statistics are available on OSM PostgreSQL daily stats.
planet Planet data dumps web server Gorilla-server.svgironbelly (generator), Gorilla-server.svggrisu (web server and slave database) OK Website:
Nominatim Search / Geo-coding Gorilla-server.svgpummelzacken (master), Gorilla-server.svgpoldi (slave) OK Website:
tile tile serving CDN: set of 19 geographically distributed CDN servers (enhanced with load balancers routing to squid frontends)
Gorilla-server.svgcmok (Minsk, BE),
Gorilla-server.svgculebre (Zaragoza, ES),
Gorilla-server.svgdrogon (Osijek, HR),
Gorilla-server.svggorynych (Moscow, RU),
Gorilla-server.svgjakelong (San Francisco, US),
Gorilla-server.svgkalessin (Berlin, DE),
Gorilla-server.svgkatie (Hetzner, DE),
Gorilla-server.svgkonqi (Jena, DE),
Gorilla-server.svgladon (Athens, GR),
Gorilla-server.svglongma (Hsinchu, TW),
Gorilla-server.svgnepomuk (Lyon, FR),
Gorilla-server.svgodin (Aalborg, DK),
Gorilla-server.svgridgeback (Oslo, NO),
Gorilla-server.svgsaphira (London, GB),
Gorilla-server.svgsarkany (Budapest, HU),
Gorilla-server.svgsimurgh (Baku, AZ),
Gorilla-server.svgstormfly-02 (Corvalis, US),
Gorilla-server.svgtrogdor (Amsterdam, NL),
Gorilla-server.svgviserion (Pula, HR).
OK Detailed graphs are available for tile serving statistics.
render Backend Mapnik tile rendering slave servers: set of 4 geographically distributed slave servers for renderd and mod_tile (enhanced with a front load balancer)
Gorilla-server.svgorm (London, GB),
Gorilla-server.svgscorch (Roubaix, FR),
Gorilla-server.svgvial (Hetzner, DE),
Gorilla-server.svgyevaud (London, GB).
OK Detailed graphs are available for tile rendering statistics.
imagery Imagery servers Gorilla-server.svgdraco, Gorilla-server.svgkessie OK
GPS tiles GPS tile servers Gorilla-server.svgnoquiklos OK
GPX file processing and storage soup OK (unused?)
Taginfo Tag usage information (website) Gorilla-server.svggrindtooth, Gorilla-server.svgstormfly-01 OK Website:
Trac Tracker for incoming bugs and feature requests Gorilla-server.svgshenron OK
git Source repository with git Gorilla-server.svgshenron OK git clone git://
(see also on GitHub)
SVN Source repository with Subversion Gorilla-server.svgshenron OK svn co
dev Development server Gorilla-server.svgerrol OK
test Testing server (roundup) Gorilla-server.svgascalon OK
Other servers Gorilla-server.svgidris (intended to replace or mirror shenron?), Gorilla-server.svgkarm (?) OK Undocumented but active usage
YOURS yournavigation routing server Gorilla-server.svgsarel hosted by OSMF, and sponsored by Oxilion and No updates Website:, last update Sep 2014.
XAPI OSM Extended API for Java Gorilla-server.svgnorbert DOWN Xapi on apparently down since 2013.
OWL OWL (beta) server Gorilla-server.svgzark DOWN Trial was in development, beta version returns a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error (as of July 2016), services are dead since at least December 2014 (it was working in June 2013)
Other community services not operated directly by the OpenStreetMap Foundation
Tiles-FR Tile server for the French rendering style, the Humanitarian style (with worldwide coverage), and some other styles specific for France External (OSM France) OK Map demo:
Tiles-DE Tile server for the German Style (with worldwide coverage) External (OSM Germany/FOSSGIS e.V.) OK Map demo:
Tiles-NL Tile server for the Dutch style (covering only Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg) External (OSM Netherlands) OK Map demo:
Overpass Turbo A web interface to build and execute queries via Overpass API servers and render them instantly on a map. Create/edit/store/share queries, and select one of the Overpass API servers below to submit your queries. External (OSM Germany/FOSSGIS e.V.) OK Website:
(temporary backup in case of problems:
External (OSM Ireland) OK Website:
Overpass API servers OSM Extended API, supporting two syntaxes (XML-based or CSS-like Overpass QL) for read-only queries. External (OSM France). 10h lag URL (only for submitting queries): // (infos)
External (OSM Germany/FOSSGIS e.V.) OK URL (only for submitting queries): // (status)
External (OSM Russia) OK URL (only for submitting queries): // (status)
External (OSM Switzerland). Contains data from Switzerland only. OK URL (only for submitting queries): // (contact)
External (OSM Ireland). Contains data from Ireland only. OK URL (only for submitting queries): (HTTPS not supported)
XAPI OSM Extended API, supporting an XAPI compatibility layer External (OSM Germany/FOSSGIS e.V.) Partially Disabled URL (only for submitting queries): // is currently disabled, see this post
External (OSM Switzerland). Contains data from Switzerland only. OK URL (only for submitting queries): //
uMap Server for creating and hosting maps with custom data on top of a background OSM map, that can be integrated in various websites External (OSM France). Main instance, multilingual, worldwide coverage. OK
External (Framasoft, France). OK
External (OSM Switzerland). OK
External (OSM Colombia). OK

See also Servers, Domain names (and Featured tile layers for the various map rendering services).