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OSMCha Interface Example v0.78.1.png
Authors: Mapbox / Font Awesome 5 brands github.svg mapbox/osmcha-frontend/graphs/contributors
License: ISC
Platform: Web
Status: Active
Version: 0.85 releases (2022-05-19)
Website: osmcha.org
Source code: Font Awesome 5 brands github.svg mapbox/osmcha-frontend

Frontend for the osmcha-django REST API

OSMCha short for OpenStreetMap Changeset Analyzer is a web tool to help mappers analyze and review data changes to OSM. The objective of the tool is to help detect vandalism and act on bad changes to the map data.



OSMCha was originally written by Wille Marcel in 2015 to investigate suspicious changesets on OSM. A global instance was later hosted by Mapbox as an additional data QA tool for the OSM community.

Changeset Explorer

OSMCha is an advanced changeset explorer. Changesets on OpenStreetMap have timestamp, editor used, changeset comment, bounding box of the changeset, username of the author and other metadata . OSMCha stores these changeset metadata and allows searching through them.

Along with the metadata available from OpenStreetMap, OSMCha allow


The user interface of OSMCha allows multiple user input of metadata values for searching through the changeset database.


Use a bookmarklet to conveniently access the OSMCha Changeset Viewer! By clicking on the new bookmark (or opening it via a keyword) while visiting a changeset page such as 18986223, you will get a new tab/window with the analysis page for that changeset.


(Credits to User:Eugene and The knife)

Using OSMCha

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