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German Style or "deutscher Stil" is a fork of the Standard tile layer maintained by Sven Geggus.

It aims to provide a map which is more similar to conventional maps (like Shell-Atlas) commonly used in Germany.

A HOWTO for potential contributors is currently being worked on.


A description of the styles history is currently only available in German at





CC0 1.0 like Standard tile layer

Main differences to OSM Standard Style

  • Localization using German names and latin script for all around the world.
    (The provided code can be used for any target language using latin script)
  • Abbreviations for "Street" in common languages (e.g. Straße -> Str.)
  • Style and colors of major roads (Motorway, primary, secondary, ...)
  • Style of footway, cycleway and path
  • Style of paved tracks (tracktype=grade1 or surface=paved)
  • Style of "living_street"
  • Border colors
  • Added rendering of highway=proposed
  • Style of highway=construction
  • Common German symbols for deciduous and coniferous forests.
  • Draw line marking on sports grounds tagged leisure=pitch
  • Additional and different POI-types (Castle, Pharmacy, ...)

Sites using the Style

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