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Velkomin á OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap creates and provides free geographic data such as street maps to anyone who wants them. The project was started because most maps you think of as free actually have legal or technical restrictions on their use, holding back people from using them in creative, productive, or unexpected ways.

Join our local mapping projects for Iceland : WikiProject Iceland.

I want to see maps; get out of my way!

All the resources for a complete beginner to learn about and get involved with OpenStreetMap.
The complete reference to everything about editing our maps.
Lend your programming skills to help make OpenStreetMap better.
Got a question? The most common are answered here.
Information and background for journalists.
We also want to give thanks to some organisations for their help.
Event Calendar ± – See also Past Events
  Current events
Mapping party 21. maí2019-05-212019-05-22 Reading Missing Maps Mapathon, Reading, England UK England
Social 21. maí2019-05-212019-05-22 Bonner Stammtisch, Bonn, Germany Germany
Social 21. maí2019-05-212019-05-22 Derby pub meetup, Derby, England England
Social 21. maí2019-05-212019-05-22 Lüneburger Mappertreffen, Lüneburg, Germany Germany Lueneburg
Social 21. maí2019-05-212019-05-22 OSM Stammtisch Viersen, Viersen, Germany Germany
Mapping party 22. maí2019-05-222019-05-23 Missing Maps Mapathon, Cambridge, United Kingdom UK
Social 23. maí2019-05-232019-05-24 Lübecker Mappertreffen, Lübeck, Germany Germany Lübeck
Social 23. maí2019-05-232019-05-24 Rencontre mensuelle de Montrouge et alentours, Montrouge, France France
Social 23. maí2019-05-232019-05-24 62. Wiener Stammtisch, Wien, Österreich Austria Wien
Social 24. maí2019-05-242019-05-25 Metrotown mappy Hour, Greater Vancouver area, Canada Canada
Social 25. maí2019-05-252019-05-26 Rencontre périodique de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France France
Social 27. maí2019-05-272019-05-28 Bremer Mappertreffen, Bremen, Germany Germany Bremen
Meeting 27. maí2019-05-272019-05-28 Incontro mensile, Roma, Italy ItalyRoma
Mapping party 28. maí2019-05-282019-05-29 SLC Map Night, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States USA Utah
Mapping party 28. maí2019-05-282019-05-29 Mannheimer Mapathons, Mannheim, Germany Germany
Mapping party 29. maí2019-05-292019-05-30 Missing Maps Mapathon Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland Switzerland Zürich
Mapping party 29. maí2019-05-292019-05-30 Mapathon OpenSaar/Ärzte ohne Grenzen/EuYoutH_OSM/Libre_Graphics_Meeting_2019, Saarbrücken, Germany Germany
Meeting 29. maí2019-05-292019-05-30 Réunion mensuelle, Montpellier, France France
Social 29. maí2019-05-292019-05-30 Stammtisch, Düsseldorf, Germany Germany Düsseldorf
Mapping party 30. maí2019-05-302019-05-31 Missing Maps mapathon Bratislava #6 at Faculty of Civil Engineering Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava in Bratislava,Bratislava, Slovakia Slovakia Bratislava
Mapping party 1. jún.2019-06-012019-06-02 Stand OSM sur la fête du vélo,Tours, France France
Meeting 3. jún.2019-06-032019-06-04 OSM x Wikidata #5, MozSpace, Taipei, Taiwan Taiwan
Mapping party 4. jún.2019-06-042019-06-05 Missing Maps Mapathon, London, United Kingdom England UK
Social 5. jún.2019-06-052019-06-06 Mappertreffen, Essen, Germany Germany Essen
Meeting 5. jún.2019-06-052019-06-06 Rencontre mensuelle, Toulouse, France France
Social 5. jún.2019-06-052019-06-06 Stuttgarter Stammtisch, Stuttgart, Germany Germany Stuttgart
Social 6. jún.2019-06-062019-06-07 Mappertreffen, Bochum, Germany Germany Bochum
Mapping party 6. jún.2019-06-062019-06-07 Mannheimer Mapathons, Mannheim, Germany Germany
Meeting 6. jún.2019-06-062019-06-07 Réunion mensuelle, Nantes, France France Nantes
Social 6. jún.2019-06-062019-06-07 Stammtisch Dresden, Dresden, Germany Germany Dresden
Social 6. jún.2019-06-062019-06-07 Stammtisch Ulmer Alb, Reutti, Germany Germany Reutti
Social 7. jún.2019-06-072019-06-08 Mappertreffen, Dortmund, Germany Germany Dortmund
Meeting 8. jún.2019-06-082019-06-09 Incontro mensile, Biella, Italia Italy
Meeting 10. jún.2019-06-102019-06-11 Réunion mensuelle, Rennes, France France Rennes
Meeting 10. jún.2019-06-102019-06-11 Réunion mensuelle, Bordeaux, France France
Social 11. jún.2019-06-112019-06-12 Rencontre mensuelle pour tous, Lyon, France France
Social 11. jún.2019-06-112019-06-12 SLC Mappy Hour, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States USA Utah
Social 11. jún.2019-06-112019-06-12 OSM Stammtisch Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland Switzerland Zürich
Meeting 11. jún.2019-06-112019-06-12 Réunion mensuelle, Bordeaux, France France
Social 11. jún.2019-06-112019-06-12 Hamburger Mappertreffen, Hamburg, Germany Germany Hamburg
Social 13. jún.2019-06-132019-06-14 Stammtisch Obersteiermark, Leoben, Austria Austria Steiermark
Meeting 13. jún.2019-06-132019-06-14 Münchner Stammtisch, München, Germany Germany München
Social 14. jún.2019-06-142019-06-15 132. Berlin-Brandenburg Stammtisch, Berlin, Germany Germany
Conference 14.–16. jún.2019-06-142019-06-17 State of the Map France 2019, Montpellier, France France
Pizza 14.–16. jún.2019-06-142019-06-17 5. OSM-Sommercamp und 12. FOSSGIS-Hackingevent im Linuxhotel, Essen, Germany Germany Essen
Social 18. jún.2019-06-182019-06-19 Bonner Stammtisch, Bonn, Germany Germany
Social 18. jún.2019-06-182019-06-19 Lüneburger Mappertreffen, Lüneburg, Germany Germany Lueneburg
Social 18. jún.2019-06-182019-06-19 Sheffield pub meetup, Sheffield, England England
Social 19. jún.2019-06-192019-06-20 Stammtisch, Karlsruhe, Germany Germany Karlsruhe
Social 19. jún.2019-06-192019-06-20 #geomob London, London, England England
Meeting 23. jún.2019-06-232019-06-24 Préparer ses randos pédestres ou vélos, Rennes, France France Rennes
Social 24. jún.2019-06-242019-06-25 Bremer Mappertreffen, Bremen, Germany Germany Bremen
Conference 24.–29. jún.2019-06-242019-06-30 Erasmus+ EuYoutH_OSM Meeting, Angra do Heroísmo, Portugal Portugal
Mapping party 25. jún.2019-06-252019-06-26 SLC Map Night, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States USA Utah
Meeting 26. jún.2019-06-262019-06-27 Réunion mensuelle, Montpellier, France France
Social 27. jún.2019-06-272019-06-28 Lübecker Mappertreffen, Lübeck, Germany Germany Lübeck
Social 28. jún.2019-06-282019-06-29 Stammtisch, Düsseldorf, Germany Germany Düsseldorf
Meeting 29. jún.2019-06-292019-06-30 OSMUK AGM, London, United Kingdom UK
  Future big events
Conference 6.–8. sep.2019-09-062019-09-09 State of the Map US 2019, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States USA Minnesota
Conference 18.–21. sep.2019-09-182019-09-22 FOSS4GUK 2019, Edinburgh, United Kingdom Scotland UK
Conference 18.–23. sep.2019-09-182019-09-24 Erasmus+ EuYoutH_OSM Meeting, Heidelberg, Germany Germany
Conference 19.–20. sep.2019-09-192019-09-21 HOT Summit 2019, Heidelberg, Germany Germany
Conference 21.–23. sep.2019-09-212019-09-24 State of the Map 2019 (international conference), Heidelberg, Germany Germany
Conference 22.–24. nóv.2019-11-222019-11-25 State of the Map Africa 2019, Grand-Bassam, Ivory Coast Ivory Coast
Platform status ± · Wiki status

Up and running

News ±
11. apr.2019-04-112019-04-12 The OSM Foundation is now an affiliate member of the Open Source Initiative.
23. mar.2019-03-232019-03-24 OSM wins the 2018 Free Software Foundation award, adding another trophy to our collection.
23. jan.2019-01-232019-01-24 Wiki pages containing outdated but historically relevant information can be marked with the templates {{Historic artifact start}} and {{Historic artifact end}}.
10. jan.2019-01-102019-01-11 DWG announces that the Organised Editing Guidelines have been officially put online. (More context on the OSMF blog.)
30. ágú.2018-08-302018-08-31 OpenStreetMap condemns recent anti-semitic vandalism, which recently surfaced on the Snapchat app.
4. jan.2018-01-042018-01-05 OpenStreetMap is participating in Google Summer of Code 2018.
3. jan.2018-01-032018-01-04 FOSSGIS e.V. (Germany) is now formally established as a foundation local chapter.
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