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News Archive
9 Dec2023-12-092023-12-10 The OpenStreetMap Foundation's Annual General Meeting and the deadline for voting for the OpenStreetMap Foundation Board.
8 Dec2023-12-082023-12-09 FOSSGIS e.V. commits to annual support of OpenStreetMap.
25 Nov2023-11-252023-11-26 The CC-0 Advantage: How the EU Open Data Directive can benefit from simplified licensing for geodata.
25 Oct2023-10-252023-10-26 Microsoft pledges $150,000 to support OpenStreetMap.
12 Oct2023-10-122023-10-13 Learn about Local Chapters: what they are, what they do, and how you can get involved.
24 Sep2023-09-242023-09-25 New map style available on Tracestrack TopoTry. See featured tile layers.
8 Sep2023-09-082023-09-09 OpenStreetMap Foundation announces new membership guidelines for Corporate Sponsorship.
1 Sep2023-09-012023-09-02 Learn about the OpenStreetMap Foundation board elections.
18 Aug2023-08-182023-08-19 OpenStreetMap Foundation publishes Strategic Plan V.2 (see weeklyOSM 683)
15 Jan2023-01-152023-01-16 The wiki was updated to MediaWiki 1.39.
3 Aug2022-08-032022-08-04 The wiki's configuration has been updated so that pages load faster, especially those with many images.
2 Aug2022-08-022022-08-03 Tag usage statistics in infoboxes are now displayed in the correct language and number format according to your interface language setting (technical details, contribute a translation).
19 May2022-05-192022-05-20 When you search for or follow a link to a key or tag description page that does not exist, an infobox now shows any available details from the data item associated with the key or tag. If it is a compound key, each part of the key is described automatically based on data items.
11 May2022-05-112022-05-12 New mobile editor for iOS and Android: Every Door.
1 May2022-05-012022-05-02 OSMF employs Grant Slater as Senior Site Reliability Engineer
21 Mar2022-03-212022-03-22 OSMF launches a new forum at
19 Feb2022-02-192022-02-20 SOTM organizers announce Call for Logo designs.
16 Feb2022-02-162022-02-17 SOTM 2022 conference has been announced for August 19-21 in Firenze, Italy.
19 Sep2021-09-192021-09-20 Two optional wiki gadgets for enhancing discussion pages, 1.CommentsInLocalTime and 2.ConvenientDiscussions have been installed. You can enable them in your user preferences.
8 Apr2021-04-082021-04-09 Read about ideas for mapping for Earth Day and the International Day of Human Space Flight, both in April.
5 Apr2021-04-052021-04-06 The Local Chapters and Communities Working Group is looking for volunteer moderators.
2 Apr2021-04-022021-04-03 The academic track at the State of the Map 2021 is accepting abstracts.
9 Mar2021-03-092021-03-10 Call for talks, workshops and panels at the online State of the Map 2021.
7 Mar2021-03-072021-03-08 Announcing the State of the Map logo and website.
25 Feb2021-02-252021-02-26 The 100,000,000th changeset is created.
16 Jan2021-01-162021-01-17 to
14 Feb
OpenStreetMap Foundation 2021 survey has ended. Results are posted to the OSMF wiki.
20 Aug2020-08-202020-08-21 Mappers can now become an Associate member of OpenStreetMap Foundation at no cost by applying for Active Contributor Membership. A minimum 42 days of editing are required in the last 365 calendar days.
10 Jul2020-07-102020-07-11 ÖPNVKarte becomes a new featured tile layer on
4 Jul2020-07-042020-07-05 State of the Map 2020 conference is held online this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
3 Aug2019-08-032019-08-04 Most pages on this wiki load faster following a redesign of the language bar. Please report any problems on the language bar's talk page.
12 Jun2019-06-122019-06-13 The events calendar has been streamlined for easier editing. See Template:Calendar for updated instructions.
11 Apr2019-04-112019-04-12 The OSM Foundation is now an affiliate member of the Open Source Initiative.
23 Mar2019-03-232019-03-24 OSM wins the 2018 Free Software Foundation award, adding another trophy to our collection.
23 Jan2019-01-232019-01-24 Wiki pages containing outdated but historically relevant information can be marked with the templates {{Historic artifact start}} and {{Historic artifact end}}.
10 Jan2019-01-102019-01-11 Data Working Group announces that the Organised Editing Guidelines have been officially put online. (More context on the OSMF blog.)
30 Aug2018-08-302018-08-31 OpenStreetMap condemns recent anti-semitic vandalism, which recently surfaced on the Snapchat app.
4 Jan2018-01-042018-01-05 OpenStreetMap is participating in Google Summer of Code 2018.
3 Jan2018-01-032018-01-04 FOSSGIS e.V. (Germany) is now formally established as a foundation local chapter.
30 Dec OpenStreetMap France is now formally established as a foundation local chapter.
12 Nov OpenStreetMap United Kingdom is now formally established as a foundation local chapter.
30 May New OSM ↔ Wikidata matcher tool.
25 May Over one million notes have been created since the introduction of the feature in 2013.
4 May The migration of multipolygon relations to modern mapping standards, part of a broader effort to clean up area geometries in OSM, has been completed.
11 Apr Community survey for the State of the Map 2017 program.
27 Feb OpenStreetMap is participating in Google Summer of Code 2017.
22 Oct The OpenStreetMap Forum ( has been moved to a new server.
10 Jul A node with the id 232 is created. Support for 64-bit identifiers has become a necessity for software working with OSM.
17 Jun The Collective Database Guideline is approved by the OSMF board.
30 Oct New road style. Major changes to improve legibility and consistency of roads in the cartography of the Standard map style on
24 Jun Fundraising target reached. Thank you! (you can still donate)
6 Jun Launching Fundraising drive 2015
25 Apr Humanitarian OpenStreetMappers respond to the 2015 Nepal earthquake.
16 Feb Routing feature was enabled on main website, based on Open Source Routing Machine, GraphHopper and MapQuest Routing API
06 Oct WeeklyOSM was relaunched: a weekly news collection with everything about OSM, based on German Wochennotiz. WeeklyOSM is available there in English, Spanish, Romanian, Japanese and Türkish
18 Sep OSM2World takes first place in Thomas-Krenn open source awards
14 Nov GeoGO Presentation during NFB Texas Convention in Austin, Texas USA to support CapMac's GeoGO-OSM Accessibility Project
9 Aug Celebrations for the tenth anniversary of OpenStreetMap take place around the world
28 Jun The weekly notes will be stopped after 4years, if there is nobody willing to continue the translation from DE.
28 Jun The wiki main page was redesigned to be lighter and strictly use-case oriented, and we introduce navigation pages.
12 Jun.2014-06-122014-06-13 After State Of The Map Europe 2014 has ended, a lot of video footage is available from its wiki page.
8 Jun OSM contributors can now add their ORCID identifier to their user page on this wiki, using {{User ORCID}}.
5 Jun Mapbox releases Mapbox GL, a framework for client-side rendered vector maps on iOS using OpenStreetMap data.
Now 2014 West Africa Ebola Response
5 May New release of Mapsforge 0.4.0 (offline vector map rendering framework)
9 Apr Imagery from DigitalGlobe now available for use via mapbox [1]
4 Apr A new editor is released, Level0.
26 Mar OSM wins the FSFE's Document Freedom Award.
24 Mar HOT is coordinating mapping efforts for the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. You can help!
16 Feb The wiki reaches 1,000,000 page edits.
11 Feb Encryption (SSL) has been enabled to all of the website, thereby enhancing the privacy of its users.
7 Dec ScalableMaps [2] now offers over 300 OSM- and NaturalEarth-based editable vector maps in PDF and Adobe Illustrator formats.
2 Dec The main website is completely redesigned.
18 Nov We're using the Typhoon Haiyan wiki page to coordinate crisis response mapping. You can help!
13 Aug Zoom level 19 added for the standard layer on the website.
19 Jul New map controls have gone live on
7 May New server and fund raising drive 2013
7 May The newly developed online editor iD has been integrated as a tool on the website.
23 Apr You can now leave Notes on the map !
1 Apr iD editor Beta 1 is released
31 Mar Imagery Offset Database is up
14 Feb [3] alpha version (all-purpose map of Europe) has been released
9 Feb Node id numbers have increased to now require 64-bit Identifiers
31 Jan new domain: OSM Turkey
29 Jan iD editor alpha version released
8 Jan New template and category for Wikipedians who map
6 Jan One million registered users
18 Dec State Of The Map 2013/Call for venues open
6 Nov Start your local party for Operation cowboy
2 Oct New release of the OSM editor Vespucci 0.8 for Android devices
12 Sep OpenStreetMap data is now available under the Open Database License. copyright and license. Please help with Remapping
8 Sep New Foundation board members elected
18 Aug OpenStreetMap 8th Anniversary Birthday party worldwide celebrations
31 Jul Registration for SOTM US in Portland (Oct 13-14) now open
28 Jul Officially released Maperitive v2. (What's new)
25 Jul Automated redactions complete
11 Jul License redaction begins (Follow bot process)
25 Jun A huge amount of new satellite imagery was added to Bing which can be traced from in OpenStreetMap. See also Bing Blog
12 Jun New release of the editor Merkaartor 0.18.1
23 May Launch of where you can download selected shapefiles for coastlines or similar, derived from OSM data. See also blog post by Jochen Topf.
3 May Apple now attributes OSM in iPhoto, see [4] and [5]
19 Apr New version of the map rendering web service Maposmatic available, see also [6]
13 Apr MapFactor Navigator Free is available for Android devices via Google Play.
4 Apr Edits enabled again. License change work ongoing
1 Apr New planet.gpx download of all GPS points
27 Mar Announcement of plans for the license change work
20 Mar Esri donation to OSMF
13 Mar Mar 2012 DB server downtime planned for Tuesday 20th
12 Mar New Australian Geographic Reference Image available for mapping
13 Feb Leaflet 0.3 released
28 Jan Garmin converter tool mkgmap now builds an address search index
27 Jan "Night of the living maps" is global mapping event planned for Feb 7th
17 Jan Report of Google IP address being used to vandalise OSM data
13 Jan Bored of Google Maps? switch2osm
3 Jan State Of The Map 2012 will be in Tokyo [7]
24 Dec Funding target reached. Mappy Christmas!
01 Dec New License Change View on OSM Inspector
29 Nov We have half a million users!
29 Nov Call for papers for FOSSGIS and OpenStreetMap-conference is open
25 Nov front page now features new layers
19 Nov and sites have a new look
16 Nov 1st April 2012 is the target date for license change
12 Nov OpenStreetBrowser ([8]) version 2.1 released.
25 Oct KeepRight ([9]) now validates website/url tags.
21 Oct "Look and Listen Map" & "Guide Me" win Torsten Brand Prize
13 Oct Join in with the "Big baseball project"
4 Oct Blocked applications to protect the servers
3 Oct US local chapter elected a board
19 Sep New server 'Zark' will be used for OWL
13 Sep Yahoo! Aerial Imagery is no longer available.
11 Sep OpenLayers 2.11 released
11 Sep New board members elected
11 Sep State Of The Map 2011 is winding up in Denver.
6 Sep New Mailing list rails-dev created [10]
26 Aug Board elections and other OSMF changes
18 Aug Nominations open for foundation board elections. 4 seats available [11]
08 Aug Help preparing for the license change
30 Jul SOTMEU presentation videos are available
28 Jul Mapweaver - successor of
25 Jul Project of the week looking for new maintainers
20 Jul Lets get ready for umble! OSMFight
13 Jul Release of OpenStreetBrowser 2.0
6 Jul Thanks to all the Wimbledon tennis champions
5 Jul Osmitter lets you contribute to OSM via twitter
4 Jul Ordnance Survey accept ODbL for their OS OpenData
29 Jun It's Wimbledon week. Project of the week is mapping tennis courts
23 Jun Planned downtime: Servers/June 2011 Maintenance Thu 23rd (Completed)
19 Jun Phase 4 of the ODbL licence change has started
12 Jun You can now login to OpenStreetMap using OpenID
12 Jun New video tutorials for beginners showing Potlatch 2
1 Jun Geofabrik now provide U.S. state extracts [12]
25 May Education Project of the month starting with primary & secondary schools
23 May We now have more than 400,000 registered users
22 May new release of GpsMid 0.7.5 (you can search for house numbers now)
21 May Statistics of clicks on integrated in Wikipedia OpenStreetMap map was published.
20 May 1 000 000 Relations in the database
16 May Project OSRM has a new routing demo website
11 May new Mapquest static image API
9 May A new release Maperitive with improved SVG export and line offsetting.
9 May Tile server upgrade
6 May New Changeset display
29 Apr We have a new logo! (blog post)
3 Apr Switched to Potlatch 2 for the 'edit' tab default [13]
31 Mar We are looking for representative Press images (high res, PD, full attr.)
30 Mar Project of the month: Food month
23 Mar New Community Updates
15 Mar Help crisismapping Japan
7 Mar ForeverMap has been released for Android devices
4 Mar Milestone: 1 Billion Nodes in the Database
2 Mar creates hiking books
25 Feb Maperitive now supports SRTM1 and custom DEMs.
23 Feb Project of the month: Tunnels and Bridges
17 Feb New Community Updates
16 Feb The 100.000.000th way
14 Feb A map looking for OSM User Groups [14]
14 Feb A map looking for OSM User Groups [15]
11 Feb Merkaartor bugfix release: 0.17.2.
09 Feb Project of the week : Florists
09 Feb New Community Updates
06 Feb Merkaartor bugfix release: 0.17.1.
06 Feb OpenDEM launched, collecting a free digital elevation model
03 Feb Bing road detect API announced
02 Feb New Community Updates
27 Jan New Community Updates
26 Jan Project of the month : Buildings
26 Jan Donation to OSMF by Mapquest/AOL
25 Jan HOT has a new logo
24 Jan 350 000 users
22 Jan New Project of the week: Banks and ATMs
21 Jan Maperitive can now read PBF files and has better right-to-left scripts support.
20 Jan New Community Updates
18 Jan New release of GpsMid 0.7.1
13 Jan Fugro sponsors 40 cm aerial imagery of whole Denmark
12 Jan New Community Updates
05 Jan New major release of Maperitive with scripting support for generating & uploading Web maps.
31 Dec "JOSM tested" now includes imagery built in.
30 Dec Route Manager and History Viewer are online behind new URLs ([16] [17])
26 Dec Merkaartor 0.17.0 has been released.
21 Dec OpenStreetBugs is now available via shortcut. More details here.
17 Dec MapQuest Launches OpenStreetMap-Powered Mapping Service In The US
08 Dec Russian satellite imagery project overlays custom-rendered OSM map of Belarus (google translate)
06 Dec Humanitarian OSM Team Logo design competition launched
06 Dec Two OSM projects and 6 other projects will be sponsored by German Wikimedia Competition WissensWert
03 Dec OffMaps is "App of the day".
02 Dec New Bing imagery now available in Potlatch 2 and JOSM
02 Dec New Project of the week: Your train station
29 Nov Online Editor Potlatch 2 is now available on
28 Nov New Community Updates
24 Nov New Project of the month: Wheelchair Accessibility
22 Nov The node!
15 Nov New Community Updates
23 Nov Bing to provide their aerial imagery to OSM [18]
17 Nov New Project of the week: Wanna Bet?
14 Nov New unified Scientific corner: Research
04 Nov New Project of the week: Headache?
25–31 Oct.2010-10-252010-11-01 New Community Updates
28 Oct New Project of the month: Stay a While
24 Oct Software lists replaced
26 Oct Copies Google from OSM? Discussed at the last OSMF Working Group Minutes
21 Oct Denver will be host to State Of The Map 2011 [19]
21 Oct MapQuest launch new Nominatim service, Potlatch 2 deployment and restored TIGER Edited Map [20]
17 Oct New release of the often mentioned RouteConverter 2.0
16 Oct Osmosis v0.37 released (new PBF support) [21]
14 Oct New release of LuckyGPS 0.74
05 Oct New offline map display and routing for iPhone: ForeverMap
05 Oct New tag listing/stats website: Taginfo
04 Oct Spot Image give the permission to use the coverage of France for 6 months
28 Sep Two English OSM books now available
25 Sep New Release of NaviComputer 0.95 (Map Display and navigation on Windows Mobile)
11 Sep 300000 OSM contributors and counting
9 Sep New release of NaviPOWM 0.2.5
9 Sep Call for bids to host State Of The Map 2011
1 Sep partner apologizes for cloned OSM content
22 Aug Merkaartor 0.16.3 has been released.
16 Aug Retirement of announced.
12 Aug Existing contributors are now asked to accept the new contributor terms
8 Aug Transit Database for OpenStreetMap Routing changed from beta to final stage
2 Aug Microsoft launch an OpenStreetMap Mapnik layer on Bing Maps.
25 Jul Maperitive now has a map tile generator and hypsometric tinting function (more).
11 Jul SotM is all over! See State Of The Map 2010 page for session details.
10 Jul Announced: Potlatch 2 public alpha testing
10 Jul Announced: for Q&A.
7 Jul Maperitive now exports map bitmaps with KML and OziExplorer MAP sidecar files.
5 Jul First version of ArcGIS Editor for OSM released
1–3 Jul.2010-07-012010-07-04 July 2010 DB Upgrade. Server downtime for scheduled maintenance from 1st to 3rd July
1 Jul There are six candidates applying for three chairs in the OSMF board.
30 Jun NaviComputer [22] 0.94 released for WindowsMobile
30 Jun Merkaartor has now settled in a new home:
26 Jun Maperitive, a desktop map rendering application, can now do SVG exports
20 Jun Vespucci 0.6.5 released (OSM editor for Android)
13 Jun Foundation/AGM10 meeting & election announced
13 Jun Merkaartor 0.16.1 has been released.
11 May New OpenStreetMap users have to sign up to the CC-BY-SA / ODbL contributor terms.
20 Apr Hit 250.000 users See here
16 Apr New Nokia Sportstracker version enhanced with the power of OpenStreetMap.
14 Apr version 1.00 released. lots of new features...
1 Apr Ordnance Survey Opendata releases (UK)
22 Mar Merkaartor updated to 0.15.3.
18 Mar OSM accepted for Google Summer of Code
28 Feb Merkaartor 0.15 released.
26 Feb Usability improvements for Tell us!
26 Feb Mapping Bolivia, presented during the last two "State of the Map...", is already walking. The first exploratory trip fri. Feb.26 "The project's blog".
24 Feb BBC News reports on OpenStreetMap Haiti mapping "The volunteer mappers who helped Haiiti"
12 Feb iPhone Application True Maps released. It features offline searches and routing.
9 Feb New "Project of the week" launched
2 Feb new Perl renderer...
23 Jan OpenLinkMap
23 Jan GpsMid 0.6 map application for mobile phone released
16 Jan First Independent Traffic Congestion Services Test in Russia - OpenStreetMap Takes The Second Place
13 Jan Huge OSM push for better data in Haiti following the devastating earthquake - join the effort
3 Jan OpenStreetMap reaches 200 000 user accounts. Happy New Year!
30 Dec The navigation app AndNav2 for Android is now Opensource
27 Dec Results of OSMF members vote on Open Database License proposal announced
23 Dec OSM Editor Merkaartor 0.15 available
19 Dec OSMtracker 0.10.0 released.
14 Dec Santiagos Metropolitan Regional Government (Gobierno Regional Metropolitano de Santiago) (Chile) granted access to their Schools, Hospitals, Landuse, Natural Reserves and Municipal Boundaries shapefiles. Members of the local community are working to convert and import them.
9 Dec UK post code co-ordinate data likely to be freed in April 2010
6 Dec OSMF license change vote has started; unofficial community survey at
3 Dec ScanEx grant access to satellite imagery in Russia. Now you can use it in JOSM & Potlatch.
30 Nov Mapzen Beta now available
23 Nov New version 1.3 of Potlatch released with zooming up to level 23
17 Nov Then you win: Ordnance Survey to open data in the U.K.
10 Nov NearMap PhotoMaps high resolution up to date CC-BY-SA aerial photography now available for tracing for selected Australian capital cities.
1 Nov The data checking tool Keep Right ([23]) is available for the whole planet. Make OSM routable!
18 Oct New version of GroundTruth (1.6): now supports sea polygons-filling and custom background color (more info).
9 Oct FOSSGIS hosts three sponsored servers for OSM
8 Oct SotM10 call for venues is now open
1 Oct More accuracy for GPS in Europe with start of EGNOS on Oct. 1st
28 Sep flickr adds special 'machine tag' support for OpenStreetMap
20 Sep New map renderer MapSurfer.NET (terrain map, contour lines, 3D buildings and more).
17 Sep New release of NaviPOWM 0.2.3
18 Sep Testing version of wheelchair routing service is online for German city of Bonn.
12 Sep The OpenStreetMap community petitions Google to resolve the legal ambiguity of tracing from Google's aerial imagery.
9 Sep Monopoly City Streets opens to surprise and initial licensing uncertainty from the OpenStreetMap community. The Monopoly City Streets' website struggles with the initial surge in interest.
31 Aug German City of Rostock has all streets completed and houses with heights. 3D here
22 Aug New Foundation Board elected
17 Aug The NaPTAN Import added bus stops throughout London
16 Aug First blind contributor uploads tracks in Finland. See OSM for the blind for details.
12 Aug Merkaartor 0.14 released.
10 Aug Find duplicate ways with Reports (for Germany) can be found here Way dupe check reports.
9 Aug German City of Dortmund is declared to have all streets completed.
30 Jul British town of Crawley and German town of Bad Oeynhausen are declared to have all streets completed.
28 Jul Foundation/AGM09 announced, including elections (join today!)
28 Jul OSMtracker 0.8.1 released.
24 Jul Two ways to display distances in maps: Distance maps and
12 Jul State Of The Map 2009 is over. Thanks to all the organisers!
5 Jul New version of Kosmos: works with NASA's new SRTM server, uses IBF format for contours (more info).
29 Jun ODbL 1.0 launched
29 Jun German city Essen is declared to have all streets completed.
28 Jun New version of GroundTruth: works with the NASA's new SRTM server (more info).
26 Jun We now support short links
23 Jun German city Aachen is declared to have all streets completed.
21 Jun New release of Navit 0.1.1
11 Jun Braille true type font for OSM released, see OSM for the blind.
4 Jun launched. A service for paper-based mapping
3 Jun OSM website now in several languages
27 May Amenity Editor, a new simple POI editing system, made public.
27 May New script to extract (simplified, resized) *.poly files for boundaries out of osm files.
26 May Press release: Volunteer Mapper Flies Out to Antigua
21 May Potlatch 1.0 released with new 'edit with save' features and built-in help
20 May GroundTruth v1.5 has been released. It now includes "SRTM to OSM" functionality.
16 May German city Oldenburg declared to be complete in OSM.
12 May first known tactile map based on OSM data published.
29 Apr API 0.6 compatible version of mumpot 0.5 released (including upload support)
26 Apr Bug fix version of Merkaartor 0.13.2 released
21 Apr New API went live after a year of development.
20 Apr Six OSM projects accepted for Google Summer of Code
20 Apr Final report on Bavarian aerial imagery published (in German)
4 Apr Relation Check and Relation Diff. New Tools for quality assurance of relations.
28 Mar Support for country-specific traffic-rules in Traveling Salesman.
23 Mar German city Brunswik declared to be complete in OSM.
18 Mar OpenStreetMap accepted for Google Summer of Code 2009
17 Mar Wikimedia Germany starts a project for integration of OSM maps in Wikipedia
17 Mar Number of (registered) users passed 100.000 (OpenStreetMap stats report & Graphical Stats)
16 Mar Call for Papers for State Of The Map 2009 is now open
16 Mar New version of Merkaartor 0.13 released
14 Mar House numbers supported in Traveling Salesman navigator
5 Mar OpenStreetMap wins two Linux New Media Awards
27 Feb New license has been published, license text comments may be submitted until March 20 (announcement)
25 Feb Radio Bremen's news website is using Openstreetmap (in German, sample article)
12 Feb End of donation drive. £ 16,222 (~ € 18,100) was raised in one week.
9 Feb Mapnik now usually is updated hourly (rather than weekly).
5 Feb Start of donation drive to buy a new faster, bigger server for OpenStreetMap.
4 Feb The new OSMbin file-format version 1.0 is published.
1 Feb All I., II. and III. class roads in Czech republic are in OSM. See graph of mapping and unmapped czech roads.
26 Jan GroundTruth, a new mapmaking tool for Garmins, released
25 Jan Riding and hiking map available for selected German regions.
22 Jan OSM: Up-to-Date announced: a bookmarklet which will draw the current state of the database using Mapnik
19 Jan French national land registry (cadastre) WMS opened to OSM (and other GIS). Authorities agree that their license is compatible with OSM if the source is provided (announcement in french, in english).
14 Jan Vienna street map completed. Announcement
4 Jan New Tramline Glattalbahn opened in the north of Zurich on Dec 14. Was already mapped on Openstreetmap the day before.
24 Dec Kingston Upon Hull, UK completed. Announcement
23 Dec Birmingham, UK and surrounds completed. Announcement
19 Dec North Rhine-Westphalia Road Building Authority makes complete road network data available for free use.
12 Dec The Bavarian Office of Land Survey is providing aerial imagery of Upper Palatinate for vectorization in a pilot project.
6 Dec An experimental mkgmap version supports routable Garmin maps.
4 Dec Image series A year of edits on planet Earth for OpenStreetMap.
1 Dec OSM- stats: Are mappers going on winter break? – discussion
28 Nov Google Maps - OSM comparison of the world's capitals
23 Nov German mappers found OpenStreetMap section of FOSSGIS e.V.
18 Nov Canadian government initiative GeoBase releases map data to OSM