OpenStreetMap 8th Anniversary Birthday party

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The OpenStreetMap 8th Anniversary Birthday party took place on Saturday, 18 August 2012 to celebrate the "birthday" of the project. We partied in cities all around the world!


Cake for the London celebrations

We were at the Doggets Coat & Badge pub on the South Bank (map) and it was super hot weather in London so we were enjoying the beergarden at the back. Harry made a cake with OSM Logo icing decorations which seemed to melt a little bit in the heat.

photos on flickr

listed on layrd


We'll be meeting at a private residence in down town Toronto for conversation and comestibles.

When: 4pm 'til 8pm

Who: Toronto area OpenStreetMappers

Bring: Fun conversational gambits.

More details on the regular Toronto meeting calendar

Map tile cookies in Toronto

Cleveland, OH

3:00 - ~5:30 PM Cleveland Public Library - Carnegie West Branch 1900 Fulton Rd. Cleveland, OH 44113

check August2012Clevelandmappingparty for details.


In Portugal we will celebrate on the evening of Friday 17th, starting at 18:00 until late night.

If you're near Lisbon, join us at Rua Garrett metro Baixa/Chiado on the pedestrian area near Largo Chiado.

Bellevue, WA

We'll be at...

Mercer Slough Nature Park
1625 118th Ave. SE Bellevue, WA 98005 , Bellevue, WA
1pm, unless it's a heatwave and we'll meet earlier.

We can map the parks features, enjoy a picnic potluck (any interest?) and talk about OSM and the upcoming US State of the Map conference coming up in Portland (road trip!).

There will be OSM cupcakes, GPS units and OSM Swag thanks to the OSM -US chapter.

Sign up and more info:



Mapping & Birthday party!

When: 1pm - 7:30pm

Where: 巣鴨地蔵尊通り(Sugamo Jizo-dori street), Tokyo, Japan.

Who: Shu Higashi,

More details here(in Japanese).


Mapping unmapped region in Japan online.


8th Birthday Cake / ikiya

8th Birthday Cake.jpg

Espoo, Finland

Let's have a couple of good beers in The Gallows Bird, Espoo to celebrate! Opening at 15 on saturdays.

Enter your participation here: (google form), Here are the results


Grab a coffee & do some poi mapping down the main street of westboro. (ideas include bus stops etc)

where: Bridgehead (440 Richmond Rd)

time: 10am

duration: 2 hours?

bring: print outs of area/walking papers ( & clip board.

if weather is poor bring your laptop & we'll do some tracing, updating of poi/intersection details from photo's i've captured around ottawa (maybe take some of your own before hand).


We'll toast to the birthday child at Akkurat at 17:00


We'll be celebrating on August 21 from 2:00 to 6:00pm at McDonald's C-5 Libis. More details here:

shorter link to this page:

This year we're celebrating the OpenStreetMap 20th Anniversary Birthday party!