OpenStreetMap 9th Anniversary Birthday party

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Happy Birthday OpenStreetMap! The OSMers in Japan have all the best cake!

The OpenStreetMap 9th Anniversary Birthday party is an event which will take place on Saturday, 10 August 2013 to celebrate the "birthday" of the project. We'll be partying in several locations around the world! In addition, we'll be holding a #BirthdaySprint to push on different software projects.



Toronto Mappers

The mappers of the Toronto OpenStreetMap community celebrated with a guided mapping tour for beginners and a birthday party. New mappers committed their first changesets and then a group of new and experienced mappers enjoyed conversation and snacks.


Meetup in London

Sunny beers in the beergarden at the Doggets Coat & Badge pub on the South Bank from 12:30. See London/Summer 2013 events for more events in London.


Celebration in Montreal, Canada

The OpenStreetMap Montréal user group celebrated the 9th anniversary of OpenStreetMap on 17 August 2013. We first met for a mapping party, where the enthusiasts collected more than 100 POI in a busy district in Montreal. Then we enjoyed a great picnic in Parc Lafontaine sponsored by FACIL.

You can find more details in the original announcement on our website.

San Francisco

Join Stamen's weekly #maptime map hack night for OSM editing, conversation, and cake! RSVP at The Bay Area OpenStreetMappers meetup event


user:russdeffner will provide an OSM Overview (there may be cake) at the headquarters of the American Red Cross - Colorado/Wyoming Region on Sat 10th Aug starting at noon; RSVP at OSM-CO OpenStreetMap Overview and check OSM-Colorado for more events in Colorado.

Nashua, NH

Celebrate OSM's birthday with a cookout at Greeley Park in Nashua. Contact user:rozzin to coordinate. We will be setting up at 1:00. If you're not familiar with Greeley Park, the picnic/cookout area is right about at (42.7807, -71.4669). If you have not confirmed your attendance with user:rozzin, please consider bringing some food to share.

Salt Lake City

Not a bona fide organized thing, but "if you want to hack on OSM together we can hang out in my OSM Basement™ or on the OSM Porch™"

  • @mvexel's home OSM Basement™ / Porch™
  • Date: August 10
  • Time: 10 - 4 ish
  • Where: ping @mvexel for details

Washington DC

OSM Birthday sprint by the local MappingDC community, hosted in the MapBox Garage on Aug 10 (Saturday) 12 to 6PM. Don't miss the happy hour!


Hungarian Mappers

Happy birthday OSM, a small meeting organized in our Facebook Group and on our mailing list.



Mapping & Making a Birthday Cake!


Maratona de 9 anos do OpenStreetMap

Birthday Sprint

We'll be holding a distributed code sprint during the birthday weekend. Our goal is to energize developers around the project's anniversary. The following projects will be participating—feel free to add yours!

  • OSM Groups (Project/Sprint Leads—Martijn, RichardF)
  • HOT website sprint (Sprint Leads—Clara, Felix)
  • HOT cross-site tool bar (Sprint Leads—Mikel, ???)
  • Complete iD integration into tasking server (Sprint Leads—SteveK?)
  • WikiMaps (Sprint Lead—Susanna Ånäs
  • Historical OSM- Time aware Tiles ( Sprint Lead—Jeff Meyer)
  • Hashtag aggregator (Sprint Lead—Mike Migurski)
  • Social feature planning, UX workshop (Sprint Leads: Mike Migurski, Kathleen)
  • Add your project here!
This year we're celebrating the OpenStreetMap 19th Anniversary Birthday party!