OpenStreetMap 5th Anniversary Birthday party

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Cake at the London party

A past event, the OpenStreetMap 5th Anniversary Birthday party was held on the evening of Saturday 22 August 2009


Following on from the 2009 OpenStreetMap Foundation AGM we had a party down the road at the Mulberry Bush. Hopefully nobody was confused by the late change of venue (due to sunshine!).

Harry's blog post


This was the sign-up list

More photos: gregory's cake

Still around in London? There's lots of meet-ups continuing to happen. See London/Summer 2009 Mapping Party Marathon


In Toronto local OSMers came together for refreshments and map cake.

Venue was Chez Richard one block from the Finch Avenue Subway. Ample parking, easy transit connections, and a great view of the city.

Richards blog post


Original sign up list:


In Japan they started a bit of a craze [1]

Making "5th Anniversary Birthday Cake"

5th OSM Birthday Cake.jpeg

May be some details at

Worldwide event?

We're a global project. Let's party all over the world! Why not get together with some other local OSMers to organise a party in your part of the world?

This year we're celebrating the OpenStreetMap 19th Anniversary Birthday party!