OpenStreetMap 16th Anniversary Birthday party

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This year the project birthday, the OpenStreetMap 16th Anniversary Birthday party will be celebrated on or around Saturday, 8th August 2020 in cities all around the world! In some cities, people might meet even a week later — see the individual announcements below. Don't skip the fun!

Planning an online video meeting?

You can use the BigBlueButton video server of the OpenStreetMap Foundation! To get a free account and your own video room, please signup and send an email to with subject: BigBlueButton access.

  • You can use your video room even after the birthday, for any OSM-related event.
  • Community members in low-bandwidth environments may benefit from using BigBlueButton's low-bandwidth settings.

Thank you :)

Other ideas

  • Post why you love OpenStreetMap. We will publish a collection of messages later :)
  • Post a photo of yourself with a message :)
  • Use the hashtag #OpenStreetMap16 on social media
  • Make/order a birthday cake. See previous examples of OSM cakes for inspiration. Don’t forget the attribution!
  • If your photos are accompanied with the text “CC-BY-SA 2.0” (or another open license), we can add them to this page (or feel free to add them yourself!).

Birthday events

Order by longitude in time order (from East to West). Use {{flagicon|country}}.

7 August

8 August

9 August


Event Photos

Cakes, and other goodies

This year we're celebrating the OpenStreetMap 16th Anniversary Birthday party!