OpenStreetMap 13th Anniversary Birthday party

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In 2017 the project's birthday, the OpenStreetMap 13th Anniversary Birthday party was celebrated on Sunday, 13th August 2017 in cities all around the world! (Some places had their events delayed or extended for a few days.)

Birthday events


Hopefully the biggest mapping party in the history of OSM, organized by the Crowd2Map Tanzania project. The organizers hope to break the record of 1500 mappers in 24 hours. The event will take place from 11am GMT August 13th to & 11am GMT August 14th. All points added to OSM with #Crowd2Map tag will count towards the goal.

Thrissur(Kerala), India

An outdoor mapping party at Thrissur on 13th of August 2017, conducted by FSUG Thrissur. Important locations near Thrissur round will be added and the program will start at 3.00pm.

Moscow, Russia

An outdoor mapping party on 13th of August: RU:Московская встреча в Подлипках.

Minsk, Belarus

Community meetup in Event Space conference hall, 30th of August:

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

OpenStreetMapTime special edition on 9th of August. Details pending.

Dublin, Ireland

By the kind invitation of the Charge' d' Affaires at of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Lesotho in Dublin, Friends of Lesotho will join the rest of the world at the Embassy to #MapLesotho

Jakarta and Alor, Indonesia

HOT Indonesia will celebrate OSM anniversary by organizing the following: #1) Komunitas OpenStreetMap Indonesia's online community ideathon and #2) Public Mapping Campaign for Alor. Alor is an island located in the mid-south of Indonesia. It is among the 136 priority, disaster-prone districts that is still poorly mapped. Currently there are no building footprints and road networks from that area mapped on OSM. HOT Indonesia will activate a tasking manager and call for its community to help map Alor, to speed up the district's contingency planning creation.

Tirana, Albania

Tirana will celebrate OSM birthday by having some geobeers, talk about OSM and have a great time.

Budapest, Hungary

We will organize a small mapping party in District XII, then we will have a traditional birthday party in a restaurant with cake and birthday hats – maybe we'll skip the hats :)

Maseru, Lesotho

Mapping party (#MapLesotho) organized on the 13th August at the National State Library, from 10am till late

Brasília, Brazil

The Brasília community will meet to talk, map and have a coffee. See event details.

Bangalore, India

The OpenStreetMap community in Bangalore will be meeting on the 10th of August at Mapbox BLR for an evening of learning, fun, and festivities. We have Jennings Anderson talk about his research on OpenStreetMap communities at the GeoBLR

OpenStreetMap 13th birthday celebrations bengaluru.jpg

Davao City, Philippines

Davao City is celebrating their annual Kadayawan fete -and the MapAmore Initiative is leading a mapa-thon with local volunteers and local agencies to map the fire-fighting assets of the city - #HailHydrant! We're also celebrating OpenStreetMap's 13th year anniversary! See Details and RSVP.

Latin America (GeoChicas + OSM LatAm)

Communities of OSM LatAm organized an online Mapathon to add Informal Settlements data in different countries in Latin America. The OSM communities in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Chile, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Mexico are participating in the mapping efforts. Check the organization and mapping projects here

Kampala, Uganda

The OpenStreetMap Uganda community members will meet to talk, map and cut cake at Cafe Javas in Kampala.

Denver, USA

Join us in person at Caution West brewery or join the remote mapathon (see worldwide).

Washington DC, USA

OpenStreetMap 13th birthday celebrations dc.jpg

Fukushima, Japan

Ikiya cooked decorated birthday cake to celebrate in Fukushima, Japan

This year we're celebrating the OpenStreetMap 19th Anniversary Birthday party!