OpenStreetMap 10th Anniversary Birthday party

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We celebrated the OpenStreetMap 10th Anniversary Birthday party on Saturday, 9th August 2014 in cities all around the world! A big "birthday" for the project.

OSM 10th Anniversary Birthday party World Map

"Updated: Year of Edits Video for OSM 10th Anniversary"


Map of the 10th birthday parties happening in cities worldwide. [1]

The parties!


A birthday party will take place on September 8th, see:

North America


Toronto mappers will host another rollicking good time, with map-tastic conversation and crafts! Join us on Saturday, 09 August 2014, in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood from 1530H local. RSVP on meetup, or RSVP by wiki mail


10th birthday in Montreal celebration group

Cartopartie et activités ludiques au parc Angrignon toute l'après-midi. Tous les détails sont sur le site d'OpenStreetMap Montréal

United States

In the United States, we have celebrations happening in DC, Denver, Seattle, Athens, NY, LA, Phoenix, Lexington, St Petersburg, Nashua, Cleveland, San Francisco and more! We are combining the 10th Anniversary with the summer edition of our quarterly Mapathon series. See there for details of these events.

The cake served at the party in San Francisco



In London we met at the Artillery Arms (map) chosen because it was close to the big Wikimania 2014 London conference venue, so we had a few wikimedians calling in after their conference sessions that evening.


OpenStreetMap Netherlands will celebrate the birthday in the geographical center of The Netherlands. See MeetUp

Birmingham, UK

Mappa Mercia are hosting an event in Birmingham. Join us between 12noon-2pm (Saturday 9th August), at Six Eight Kafé on Temple Row - a 5 minute walk from Birmingham New Street railway station (map). Details: Mappa Mercia#OpenStreetMap's 10th Anniversary


At the first ever THF!2014 transhackfeminist! event, at Calafou, roughly 60km from Barcelona, we'll be mapping the village Vallbona d’Anoia 17:00 - 21:00. This mapping party will comprise an introductory talk on OpenStreetMap by Yuwei Lin, a walking tour, and a hands-on tutorial Details on the THF!2014 site too


An outdoor meeting with a mapping party and shashlik in Bolshaya Izhora.


A mapping party and pizza. See forum.


Day time meet in TOG located here

Evening meet in The Bull & Castle pub here


We plan to carry out a wheelchair accessibility mapping party.


The cake served at the party in Passau

We did some outdoor mapping in the streets of Passau and meet for cake and more mapping at the local university afterwards. For details, see Passau/10 Jahre OSM (in German).


OpenStreetMap Croatia will celebrate OSM birthday with a beer at the pub(pivnica) Zlatni Medo. Join us here on Saturday, 09.08.2014., from 13:00.


We'll meet at bQm for cake and beer on the 11th of August. Details: Zürich Meetup #53



Mapping parties in Dhaka by OSM Community [2] on Aug 10th and also adding data from different corner of Bangladesh by this week.



Mapping parties in Kaohsiung Shoushan Zoo, 9th August 2014


Mapping parties in Taipei Zoo, 9th August 2014



10th birthday in Fukushima,Japan

Inawashiro town and Lake Inawashiro Mapping party, 9th August 2014


OpenStreetMap 10th Birthday Party in Akihabara , 9th August 2014


OpenStreetMap 10th Birthday GEKIKARA Party in Muko City.Kyoto, 9th August 2014

Awaji, Hyogo

OpenStreetMap Awaji Mappting Party, 9th August 2014


Birthday cake in Ichinomiya, Japan

OpenStreetMap Mapping Party & Birthday Party, 9th August 2014

Cake :

Hamamatsu, SHIZUOKA

A brief morning meeing in Hamamatsu, SHIZUOKA on Saturday, 9th August 2014.
The free map's birthday meeting (In Japanese)


Date and location TBD.

South America

Buenos Aires

Date and location TBD.


A round of beers among attendees. Join us between 10 to 14h (Saturday 9th August), at HackLabCochabamba (map).


A Mapping Party in Providencia. Join us starting at 10:00AM (Saturday, August 9th), at the Café Literario del Parque Balmaceda.

This year we're celebrating the OpenStreetMap 20th Anniversary Birthday party!