OpenStreetMap 7th Anniversary Birthday party

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Cake! At the party in St. Augustin, Germany (at FrOSCon)

The OpenStreetMap 7th Anniversary Birthday party is an event which will take place on Saturday, 20 August 2011 in several locations around the world!


Cake at the party in Toronto, Canada

Mappy Hour in downtown Toronto. Starting at 4pm Saturday, 20 August 2011, we'll meet for fun and food and drinks at a comfortable downtown location. Ten mappers attended. Map cake was enjoyed.


We celebrated in London at the Monkey Puzzle pub. We didn't organise any cake, but we did manage to continue our "meat-up marathon" with a bit of BBQ action!

photos on flickr (sunny!)


Bicycle mapping, wine and kebab on Karelian Isthmus, Komsomol'skoye Lake Komsomol'skoye Lake (see wiki page for details).


Meeting in Pizza Tempo. Forum thread on

Washington DC

We are meeting at the Mad Fox in Falls Church, Virginia to drink beer and celebrate. There should be Metro pick-up for those that don't drive or don't fancy a 1 mile walk to the pub. If you do want to do the walk and want some company contact Kate Chapman.

St. Augustin, Germany

Hholzgra organised an OSM party as party as part of FrOSCon in St. Augustin, Germany.

He even organised cake! The awesome cake can be seen pre-assembled in his kitchen in the picture above, and here it is half eaten:


Glasgow, Scotland

Scotland celebrated a week late at the State Of The Map Scotland 2011 in Glasgow, but they did have more cake! Photos: [1] [2] [3]

Fukushima, Japan

OpenStreetMap 7th Birthday Cake

7thcake fukushima.jpg

Previous anniversary parties


Shorter link for tweeting:

This year we're celebrating the OpenStreetMap 20th Anniversary Birthday party!