OpenStreetMap 17th Anniversary Birthday party

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  • This year the project birthday, the OpenStreetMap 17th Anniversary Birthday party will be celebrated on or around 8th August 2021 in cities all around the world! In some cities, people might meet even a week later — see the individual announcements below. Don't skip the fun!

Planning an online video meeting?

You can use the BigBlueButton video server of the OpenStreetMap Foundation! To get a free account and your own video room, please signup.

  • You can use your video room even after the birthday, for any OSM-related event.
  • Community members in low-bandwidth environments may benefit from using BigBlueButton's low-bandwidth settings.

Other ideas

  • Post why you love OpenStreetMap.
  • Post a photo of yourself with a message :)
  • Use the hashtag #OpenStreetMap17 on social media
  • Make/order a birthday cake. See previous examples of OSM cakes for inspiration. Don’t forget the attribution!
  • If your photos are accompanied with the text “CC-BY-SA 2.0” (or another open license), we can add them to this page (or feel free to add them yourself!).

Birthday events

Order by longitude in time order (from East to West). Use {{flagicon|country}}.

OSM 17th Birthday Celebration - Asia Pacific (August 6-9. 2021)

6 August

7 August

8 August

OpenStreetMap 17th Birthday - 1600x900 v1.png

World OSM 17-hour Global Mapathon

17 local communities around the world will host mapathons kicking off every hour for 17 hours! This event is organised by the OSMF's Chapters and Communities Working Group

Time (UTC) Time (local) Country Host Community/group Theme Contact person(s)
03:00 13:00 [1] Oceania OSGeo Oceania* TBD Edoardo Neerhut
04:00 12:00 Philippines OSM Philippines community Schools Eugene Alvin Villar, Arnalie Vicario
05:00 07:00 Italy Wikimedia Italia* Improve Asti Anisa Kuci
06:00 11:30 India OSM India community Power Plants in India Naveen Francis
07:00 10:00 Uganda MapUganda / OSM Uganda TBD Geoffrey Kateregga
08:00 11:00 Tanzania OSM Tanzania community Innocent Maholi
09:00 11:00 Zambia OSM Zambia TBD Chomba Chishala
10:00 13:00 Turkey Yer Çizenler Missing Roads in Turkey Can Ünen
11:00 20:00 Japan OpenStreetMap Foundation Japan* Local streets K_Sakanoshita
12:00 14:00 Belgium OpenStreetMap Belgium* Road Completion Jonathan Beliën
13:00 15:00 Kosovo Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova (FLOSSK)* TBD Besfort Guri
14:00 16:00 Hungary OpenStreetMap Hungary Mapping landcover (either farmlands, either forests) Attila Kun
15:00 10:00 (CDMX UTC-5:00) Mexico - están invitad@s de cualquier lado de América OpenStreetMap Mexico - Geochicas Ríos en zonas inundables. Edificios. Vea los proyectos mapeadora
16:00 17:00 United Kingdom OpenStreetMap United Kingdom* Tourism Jez Nicholson
17:00 18:00 Portugal OSGeo Portugal Addresses (endereços de Portugal) Jorge Gustavo Rocha
18:00 15:00 (Brasília) Brazil OSM Brasil/OSM Ceará Road Completion Narcélio de Sá
19:00 15:00 (EDT)
14:00 (CDT)
13:00 (MDT)
12:00 (PDT)
United States OpenStreetMap US* Playgrounds Maggie Cawley

Also on August 8th:

  • Nepal Kathmandu Living Labs
  • Zambia OpenStreetMap Zambia - 3 PM - UTC+02:00
  • Uganda OpenStreetMap Uganda - 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM (UTC+03:00)
  • HOTOSM (Global/remote) #ValidationWeekend in celebration of #OpenStreetMap17: Project 10091 - Local Governance Impact Activity in Zambia (Chibombo District)
  • Iran Celebrating 17th birthday of OSM with introducing OpenStreetMap and reviewed contributions of MohamadReza Norouzi in memory of him with #OpenStreetMap17 and #RIPNorouzi hashtags, then had discussion about next 6 days. 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM - (GMT+4:30)

9 August

  • Hungary Hungary/20210809 Birthday celebration with ice cream, cakes, snacks and drinks at lake Feneketlen in Budapest
  • Philippines Philippine Red Cross Internal Mapathon training of volunteers under the Community Resilience in Bicol Project to map/update 20 barangays.
  • Iran Drawing roads in OpenStreetMap 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM - (GMT+4:30)

10 August

  • Iran Adding business in OpenStreetMap 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM - (GMT+4:30)

11 August

Time (UTC) Time (local) Country Host Community/group Theme Contact
12:00 18:00 Flag of Bangladesh.svg Bangladesh OSMBDF Bridging The Community Tasauf A Baki Billah
  • Iran Humanitarian edits OpenStreetMap 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM - (GMT+4:30)

12 August

  • Iran Introducing different ways of contributing on OpenStreetMap 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM - (GMT+4:30)

13 August

  • Iran Detecting and improving ways in OpenStreetMap 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM - (GMT+4:30)

14 August

  • Iran Past year; Future year! with Iran community of OpenStreetMap 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM - (GMT+4:30)


Event Photos

OSM Philippines group photo (doing the 17 hand sign) during the #OpenStreetMap17 Global Mapathon, 8 August 2021. Screenshot by Ian Lopez
OSM Mexico mapathon and relaxed chat, showing to beginners how to map through the projects proposed, during the #OpenStreetMap17 anniversary / Global Mapathon, 8 August 2021. By mapeadora.
OSM US - Colorado group photo during the #OpenStreetMap17 Global Mapathon, 8 August 2021. by @arnalielsewhere
Japan - the traditional OpenStreetMap cake! #OSMAsiaPacific 6, August 2021. by @taichi
YouthMappers AGU/FuruhashiLab., CrisisMappersJapan/DRONEBIRD from Japan - Core training session with simple meet up #OSMAsiaPacific 6 August 2021. by @taichi
Filipino YouthMappers | MapBeks | DYACC | Guang Ming College | PSHS ZRC | Grab Philippines launched the Mapa and Puno Project during the #OSMAsiaPacifc OSM 17 party last 7 August 2021 by @ockim16
Grab Map Operation Vietnam joined the celebration in mapping areas in Ho Chi Minh City last 9 August 2021 #OSMAsiaPacific by @nhinguyen
Yer CIzenler celebrated with the #OSMAsiaPacific party by mapping bush fire vulnerable areas with MapRoulette last 07 August 2021 by @ockim16
OSM Tajikistan engaged remote mappers from the region with the local community last 12 August 2021 #OSMAsiaPacific
OSM Tajikistan group Photo during the #OpenStreetMap17 celebration!
YouthMappers Eastern University Sri Lanka introducing OSM to students as part of the #OSMAsiaPacific and #OpenStreetMap17 celebration last 7 August 2021 by @suthakaran
Kathmandu Living Labs celebrated with the whole #OSMAsiaPacific by mapping Bardiya National Park last 09 August 2021 by @aishworya
OpenStreetMap Bangladesh Community celebrated the 17th Birthday of #OpenStreetMap with an online "Community Mappy Hour'' in association with local #YouthMappers chapters and multiple teams/groups of OSM in #Bangladesh last 11 August 2021 #OSMAsiaPacific by @osmbangladesh
Perkumpulan OSM Indonesia (POI) held their Community Meet up last 06 August 2021 #OSMAsiaPacific by @hot_id
This year we're celebrating the OpenStreetMap 17th Anniversary Birthday party!