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Hello, my name is Attila and I'm a university student from Rákospalota, Budapest, Hungary.

My goal is to have OSM be well mapped in the area I live in and where I go (and where my friends live).

This includes good landuses, aligned roads, forest landcover everywhere and rivers, streams, buildings, addresses, POIs and other smaller stuff.


In Hungary:

Eastern Hungary and Budapest mainly, but i touched some parts in Western Hungary. Edit counts: 388,587 [1]

In the US:

Edit counts: 4,359,013.[2] However, I learnt a lot by mapping that country, because it has so different landuses compared to Hungary, where there are many croplands crowded into a ~100 acres of land (or more..) I mostly map forests and align roads there, aligning the TIGER import mess, every state has poor data, but West Virginia is doomed completely, so i aligned a lot of roads by mapping that area.

Currently in progress:

I also made some presentations, like how I mapped USA or my own area: Github link

It may happen that I don't map for a while because of university studies/work or personal life.


  • You can find me on as ottwiz
  • You can find me as well on OSMUS Slack as "Attila Kun"
  • Or you can email me at attila -(at)- attilakundev =(dot)= com
  1. As of June 14, 2022 according to
  2. As of June 14, 2022 according to