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Nepal, Asia

latitude: 28.20997, longitude: 83.99162
Browse map of Nepal 28°12′35.89″ N, 83°59′29.83″ E
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Nepal is a country in Asia at latitude 28°12′35.89″ North, longitude 83°59′29.83″ East.

Project area

relation 184633

Administrative Division of Nepal

admin_level Division Type Note
2 National borders of Nepal Currently in use
3 Development Regions Not in current use (in use till 2015)
4 Provinces Currently in use
5 Zones Not in current use (in use till 2015)
6 Districts Currently in use
7 Municipalities Currently in use
8 VDCs Not in current use (in use till 2015)
9 Wards Currently in use

Road Network of Nepal


Mapping in Nepal

Getting Started

Read the Getting Involved page to begin contributing to OpenStreetMap. Simply, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up and Login
  2. Zoom in to your area of interest, or pick an at random (large cities tent to have more to do, but also roads and rivers in rural areas).
  3. Click the edit tab at the top to switch to the online map editor (called 'iD').
  4. Start tracing over the imagery by drawing lines and polygons.
  5. For your elements to render on the map, the points and lines must be tagged appropriately. Select classifications on the left had side. See Map Features for tagging details. Incorrectly tagged objects will not show up on the map.
  6. Done. Happy Mapping :D
  • Mappers are encouraged to use the JOSM offline editor once you are familiar with the basics and want to map large areas in much more detail.

Please see Nepal remote mapping guide for help with identifying features in Nepal's aerial imagery.

Imagery preferences

Naming Conventions

The attribute name will always be in native name in Nepali unicode. Example: Use "नेपाल" for the name keyword. Always use the official name when possible. If another name is more popular name:alt can be used. To write the names in other script, use name:en, name:ne, etc. Like:

Atrribute Value
name नेपाल
name:ne नेपाल
name:en Nepal

Other Guidelines

Communication Platform for OSM Nepal

OpenStreetMap Community Forum

  • Nepal Community discussion on all topics related to OSM mapping in Nepal with experts all over the world.


  • OSM Nepal for staying updated with all information and updates about the works being done, the progress being made while mapping and also future plans.


Organizations involved in OSM in Nepal

Local citizens from Bajrabarahi, Makwanpur, Nepal mapping their towns and villages. Kathmandu Living Labs, pioneer of OpenStreetMap in Nepal, was involved in training them. The training mostly focused on mapping agriculture and food security data

Different organizations in Nepal engage digital volunteers in remote mapping OpenStreetMap in Nepal. They organize events, discussions, and trainings to support Digital Mapping in Nepal. MapBuds is currently most active organization in OpenStreetMap mapping.

  • OSM Nepal is a community of active mappers who are voluntarily contributing to the OpenStreetMap of Nepal.
  • Kathmandu Living Labs - a pioneer civic-tech enterprise providing humane data and technology solutions to improve the lives of people.
  • MapBuds - a Geotech volunteering organization which focuses on OpenStreetMap datasets and various Geospatial domains.
  • GESAN - a non-political organization established with the notion of making union of all geomatics students of Paschimanchal Campus and an active inagural chapter of YouthMappers
  • GES - a pioneering society of Nepal, established in 2008 A.D. by students of Geomatics Engineering at Kathmandu University.
  • YouthInnovationLab - focused on technology development, disaster risk reduction, climate change, open data, entrepreneurship, data driven advocacy, youth engagement, and volunteerism
  • NAXA - a Geo-ICT technology consulting that strives for innovation in geospatial technologies to provide solutions to contemporary problems of humanity.


Downloads for Nepal

Generating own extract for Nepal

Geofabrik provides extracts for Nepal in various formats, see

The idea is to download asia.osm extract from Geofabrik, polygon from Cloudmade, cut with Osmosis. Here are the steps:

./osmosis --read-binary file="asia.osm.pbf" --bounding-polygon file="nepal.poly" --write-xml file="nepal.osm"

In case of normal .osm file

./osmosis --read-xml file="asia.osm" --bounding-polygon file="nepal.poly" --write-xml file="nepal.osm"

Other sites for OSM data


Route Distance Description Route relation(s) % Complete Notes
Annapurna Circuit 250? km Trek around the Annapurna Sanctuary 1187310 (i J) route almost 100% complete (needs to be verified)
guess many POI (guesthouses, facilities, drinking water) are still missing
Wikipedia: Annapurna Region
Annapurna Base Camp ? km Trek to Annapurna Base Camp 17548991 (i J) footways almost 100% (needs to be verified), though not fully added to the relation yet
guess many POI (guesthouses, facilities, drinking water) are still missing
Wikipedia: Annapurna Region
Everest Base Camp ? km Trek to Everest Base Camp (EBC) 1189003 (i J) route almost 100% complete (needs to be verified)
guess many POI (guesthouses, facilities, drinking water) are still missing

Users in Nepal

Active Mappers/Contributors

Name Usename Name Usename Name Usename
Amritkarma User icon 2.svgamritkarma (on osm) Anil Basnet User icon 2.svgAnil Basnet (on osm) Marek Kleciak User icon 2.svgmarek kleciak (on osm)
Heinz_V User icon 2.svgHeinz_V (on osm) Seichter User icon 2.svgseichter (on osm) Adrie Sonke User icon 2.svgAdrie Sonke (on osm)
ManojThapa User icon 2.svgManojThapa (on osm) Gaurav Parajuli User icon 2.svgGaurav Parajuli (on osm) Rabi Shrestha User icon 2.svgfrozenrabi (on osm)
JoeRichards User icon 2.svgJoeRichards (on osm) Lalit BC User icon 2.svgLalit_IAAS (on osm) Saurav Gautam User icon 2.svgSauravGautam (on osm)
Sushma Ghimire User icon 3.svgSushmaGhimire (on osm) Sangeeta BC User icon 3.svgSangeeta BC (on osm) Pragya Pant User icon 3.svgPragya Pant (on osm)

Most Experienced Mappers contributing in Nepal

Users Mapping Days Countries Mapped Projects Contributed
Heinz_V 4500+ 150+
seichter 3400+ 60+
marek kleciak 2800+ 110+
Manoj Thapa 2000+ 80+
Anil Basnet 1500+ 40+
Adrie Sonke 1300+ 15
frozenrabi 900+ 60+
Gaurav Parajuli 800+ 35+
Ro Sun 900+ 90+
amritkarma 600+ 30+

Other Statistics

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