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Nepal, Asia

latitude: 27.6, longitude: 85.2
Browse map of Nepal 27°36′00.00″ N, 85°12′00.00″ E
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Nepal is a country in Asia at latitude 27°36′00.00″ North, longitude 85°12′00.00″ East.

Project area

relation 184633


Zone Headquarters Relation
Eastern Development Region Dhankuta relation 4583291
Central Development Region Hetauda relation 4583292
Western Development Region Pokhara relation 4583290
Mid-Western Development Region Birendranagar relation 4583375
Far-Western Development Region Dipayal Silgadhi relation 4583376

Please note that according to these 5 Development Regions were replaced by 7 provinces back in september 2015.

See here :

Some things you can do

OSM would not be complete without Mt. Everest (and eight of the ten highest mountains of the world) mapped, so this page is all about adding to OSM in Nepal.

There are missing roads around Butwal and Biratnagar.

It would really be cool to start mapping trails that could be joined into new trekking routes. Trekkers pile up on a fraction of the potential routes. Mahabharat traverse anyone?

We have maps for 2015 Nepal earthquake

Mailing List

Local citizens from Bajrabarahi, Makwanpur, Nepal mapping their towns and villages. Kathmandu Living Labs, pioneer of OpenStreetMap in Nepal, was involved in training them. The training mostly focused on mapping agriculture and food security data

To stay updated with all information and updates about the works being done, the progress being made while mapping, future plans, please join the mailing list:

Mailing List to discuss anything related to mapping in Nepal


  • OSMNEPAL for general activities and information on OSMNEPAL.
  • OSMNEPAL KU for activities done by Kathmandu University as moderator of OSM Community.

Works Regarding OSM in Nepal

  • OSM Nepal is a community of active mappers who are voluntarily contributing to the OpenStreetMap (OSM) of Nepal. (dead link)
  • Kathmandu Living Labs ( - A project mapping the Kathmandu valley
  • Monsoon Collective is a group of individuals who want to work together to create objects and projects (often involving open data)during the Monsoon season every year in Kathmandu. (dead link)
  • GalliGalli is an initiative to use technology to gather, package, and share information that impacts our relationships with our streets, our communities, and our government’s services. (dead link)
  • Open Cities Kathmandu is a project by the World Bank's Global Facility for Disaster Risk and Recovery (GFDRR) which included the founding of Kathmandu Living Labs. (dead link)
  • Local Trail and Infrastructure Mapping Project in Humla District of Nepal implemented by NAXA and supported by WFP Nepal and DFAT.



Cities in Nepal


Mapping Nepal


Public Transportation


Route Distance Description Route relation(s) % Complete Notes
Annapurna Circuit 250? km Trek around the Annapurna Sanctuary 1187310 (i J) route almost 100% complete (needs to be verified)
guess many POI (guesthouses, facilities, drinking water) are still missing
Wikipedia: Annapurna Region
Annapurna Base Camp ? km Trek to Annapurna Base Camp not yet footways almost 100% (needs to be verified), though not added to a relation yet
guess many POI (guesthouses, facilities, drinking water) are still missing
Wikipedia: Annapurna Region
Everest Base Camp ? km Trek to Everest Base Camp (EBC) 1189003 (i J) route almost 100% complete (needs to be verified)
guess many POI (guesthouses, facilities, drinking water) are still missing

Downloads for Nepal

Cloudmade has an extract for Nepal dated 13 December 2011 available in the link Cloudmade. It contains .osm XML extract as well as other useful files (.img files for Garmin, .poly for a rough shape of nepal, ...)

Temporary XML Extract (approx. 1,8MB, OSM data from 28.10.2010) (dead link)

Geofabrik provides extracts for Nepal in various formats, see

Generating own extract for Nepal

The idea is to download asia.osm extract from Geofabrik, polygon from Cloudmade, cut with Osmosis. Here are the steps

./osmosis --read-binary file="asia.osm.pbf" --bounding-polygon file="nepal.poly" --write-xml file="nepal.osm"

In case of normal .osm file

./osmosis --read-xml file="asia.osm" --bounding-polygon file="nepal.poly" --write-xml file="nepal.osm"

Map Downloads for Garmin GPS devices

  • [1] OSM error edition ( (dead link)
  • [2] OSM-mirror: Topographic trekking/city area maps (

1) Annapurna area, incl. Pokhara
2) Helambu & Langtang area, incl. Kathmandu & Bhaktapur
3) Everest area, incl. Jiri & Tumlingtar
. [3].
Velomap [4].

DEM Data for Nepal

SRTM NASA data has very large gaps in the Himalaya, if you want to render a topographic map for nepal (or other areas in the Himalaya) you are probably interested in more acurate DEM data from It's not perfect, but more useful than the SRTM data.


Mappers from Western countries (people who are remotely mapping) on the project should focus on the geometry development (Point, Line, Polygon) with highest possible spatial accuracy.
People nearby or at Nepal (Local People) should Name the features and add other important attributes (tags) of the spatial data.

Progress of geometry data as well as attribute information should be updated together. The collaboration of International mappers and local people makes the complete map because only geometry or the only text can never give complete information.

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Imaginary from drones


First read the Getting_Involved


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