UK Quarterly Project/2021/2021 Q3 Project: Tourism

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The third UK Quarterly Project of 2021 is Tourism. Lets focus on areas that would be useful to tourists. Seaside areas are obvious targets, but how well is your local train station mapped? Are the amenities around it mapped? In a city centre? How well are the historical places mapped? In the country side? How are the Public Rights of Way? Are your local hotels mapped?

Please add the hashtag #ukqp to your changesets.

  • Written a blog post or made a video about your involvement? - Add it here.

Useful Wiki Pages

Things to focus on

  • Hotels
Did you know you can search by business type in FHRS Open Data?
Check out how our coverage of chain hotels is going, and see what around you needs work with Survey Me!
  • Caravan parks
There is a MapComplete theme to help fill out camp site details.
  • Public transport hubs
Bus/train stations have fairly well coverage, but there surrounding areas are sometimes lacking. Mapping toilets and nearby shops and services will help people passing through.