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Barßel Wohnmobilstellplatz.jpg
A place where you can stay in a caravan overnight or for longer periods. Edit or translate this description.
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A caravan site, caravan park or RV park is a place where people with caravans / motorhomes / recreational vehicles can stay overnight, or longer, in allotted spaces known as "pitches" or "sites". They usually provide facilities including toilets, waste disposal, water supply, power supply etc.

Motorhome pitches are usually designed only for short-term (two to three nights) of recreational vehicles that have a closed sewer system and an on-board toilet (autonomous vehicles). Therefore, an RV parking space usually differs in the following points from a campsite:

  • The arrival or departure may at any time, even at night, take place.
  • There is no reception, where you would have to log on or off.
  • The construction of tents, awnings is usually not allowed.
  • The stay is limited to a few nights, seasonal or permanent camping is not permitted.
  • Lower rates, perhaps free.

For fee-based courses, the fee is usually payable at a ticket machine or a checkout of trust, rarely with a cashier who comes to certain times of the square. Sometimes a "donation" is also also asked for a voluntary contribution to costs. They may also have some space for tents. If a site is primarily for tents, it should be tagged as tourism=camp_site

See also: description of Motorhome stopover on Wikipedia

This tag is not for mapping places for (unoccupied) storage of caravans / RVs (though some caravan sites may offer that as a service).

How to Map

Place a node node or draw an area area around the perimeter of the caravan site, and tag it as tourism=caravan_site.

Attribute Tags

Mapping Facilities Within the Site

If the positions are known, facilities within the site can be mapped as separate nodes or areas:

POI files and map

User:Marmai provides POI downloads and a map of RV parks in Europe.

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Possible Tagging Mistakes

If you know places with this tag, verify if it could be tagged with another tag.
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