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Public-images-osm logo.svg opening_hours:reception
Reception, front desk 3 - Paris Opera Cadet Hotel.jpg
When an accommodation's reception is open Edit or translate this description.
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The key opening hours:reception=* is used for the times the reception of an tourism accomodation (tourism=*), hospital, company or shop is open. For the reception itself please use opening_hours=* (if needed).
Also use opening_hours=* for the times of the year a facility is generally open and when you may enter or leave, probably as the gate is closed by night.

opening hours:reception=* may apply to

Chalet.svg tourism=chalet
Guest house-14.svg tourism=guest_house
Apartment.svg tourism=apartment
Hostel-16.svg tourism=hostel
Hotel-16.svg tourism=hotel
Motel-16.svg tourism=motel
Camping.16.svg tourism=camp_site
Hospital-14.svg amenity=hospital
Office room icon.svg office
Convenience-14.svg shop

Less likely :

Alpinehut.svg tourism=alpine_hut
Wilderness hut.svg tourism=wilderness_hut

Tagging Syntax

The syntax for the value largely follows Key:opening_hours, please see there for examples.