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An office of a private company Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Offices
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This tag is used for the office of a private company which does not fit into another more specific category. For subtypes see the office=* key overview.

Tags to use in combination

  • name=* - the name of the office
  • brand=* - the brand this office belongs to
  • operator=* - indicates the operator or name of the company operating the office
  • addresses - the address of the office
  • opening_hours=* - hours when the office is open
  • phone=* - phone number of the office
  • website=* - website of the office
  • email=* - email address of the office
  • wheelchair=no/yes/limited - whether the office is suitable for wheelchairs

Detail tagging what a company does

Some are tagging what a company does by using company=*. The following are found in taginfo.

Tag Description
company=aerospace The office of an  Aerospace industry company. For production use factory, for governmental institutions government
company=construction The office of a company that constructs buildings
company=consulting The office of a company that provides expert advice. Probably better to specify the expertise.
company=distribution The office of a company that distributes products/produce. See also transportation.
company=media The office of a company that produces information. Probably better to specify the media. For advertising use office=advertising_agency
company=publisher The office of a company that publishes books/magazines For newspapers use office=newspaper .
company=security The office of a company that provides security services.
company=software_development The office of a company that develops software. A shop=* would handle sales.
company=startup The office of a company that can provide startup expertise to a new firm/product.
company=temporary_work_agency The office of a company that connects temporary employees with employers.
company=transport The office of a company that provides transportation services.
company=visa The office of a company that assist in obtaining visas.

Alternative tags

The following types of companies may be tagged with office=company + company=*, or may instead be tagged with a value of office=* directly

Value Alternative
company=advertising or office=advertising_agency
company=engineering or office=engineer
company=it or office=it
company=insurance or office=insurance
company=office or office=company
company=logistics or office=logistics
company=telecommunication or office=telecommunication

Tagging Errors

  • company=*shop - instead use shop=* - offices not not sell physical items.
  • company=yes - Do not use. Adds no information, simply leave the tag off.

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