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A shop that sells motorcycles and/or related accessories and services Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Shops
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Status: in use

A shop that sells motorcycles and/or related accessories, clothes, parts, repair and rental services.

How to map

Set a node or draw as an area along the shop outline. Tag it with shop=motorcycle. Add name using name=* or use noname=yes to mark that shop has no name.

Tags used in combination

Services tags

Be aware the namespace format differs from other vehicle services

symbol key values description taginfo
Sales counter.png motorcycle:sales yes/no/used sells motorbikes / used=only second hand / yes;used=both new and used
Motorcycle rental.png motorcycle:rental yes/no motorbike rental,
for motorbike trailer rental see shop=trailer
Wrench font awesome.svg motorcycle:repair yes/no motorbike repair
Nut and Bolt.png motorcycle:parts yes/no
- sells parts ?
yes;custom=both: spare parts and special parts
BLASTER PRO.png motorcycle:tyres yes/no sells tyres (may also be used in combination with shop=tyres)
Motorcycle helmet.png motorcycle:clothes yes/no sells clothes
Scooter symbol.png motorcycle:type standard/dualsport/offroad/chopper/sportbike/scooter Just in case the shop is "specialised"
(restricted to a certain bike type).
Separate several with semicolon i.e. chopper;scooter
if necessary
Motorcycle travel logo.png motorcycle:tours guided/offroad/info In case the shop offers (guided) tours, also applicable to shop=travel_agency or Tourism entries
Tools outils.PNG motorcycle:tools yes/no/sales Availability of tools, i.e. in case they offer a self service garage, also applicable to Tourism entries, shop=hardware or shop=doityourself (sales)

Electric motorcycles


symbol key values description taginfo
Motorcycle charging.png motorcycle:charging yes/no/domestic Availability of a Charging station
to charge an electric motorcycle,
for details see amenity=charging_station.
"Domestic" stands for "wall socket",
no fast charging.
This key may also be applied to Tourism tags.

See also

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