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A store where you can buy and/or repair your bike and buy accessories. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: shops
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A store where you can buy and/or repair your bike and buy accessories.

How to map

Set a node or draw as an area along the shop outline. Tag it with shop=bicycle. Add name using name=* or use noname=yes to mark that shop has no name.

Tags used in combination

  • Address tag family can be used to specify an address
  • opening_hours=* - Describes when something is open or closed, there is a specific standard format for this data
  • repair=* - Information whether a dedicated shop does repair
  • second_hand=yes/only - Whether a shop, dedicated to a specific kind of good, sells second-hand items
  • Payment tag family can be used to specify how one may pay at this location
  • wheelchair=yes / wheelchair=limited / wheelchair=no - Indicate if a special place can be used with wheelchairs
  • operator=* - Company, corporation, person or any other entity who is directly in charge of the current operation of a map object
  • delivery=* - Sets whether the restaurant or shop offers delivery service
  • ownership=* (in particular ownership=public_nonprofit or ownership=private_nonprofit )
  • community_centre=bicycle_maintenance When the shop has an explicit dual purpose

Additional keys

These keys describe bicycle-related services. Their use is not restricted to bicycle shops and they can be applied to any point of interest. The service:bicycle=* key is also separately documented.

Key Possible values Description
service:bicycle:retail yes/no Bicycles are sold
service:bicycle:repair yes/no Bicycles are repaired (for a fee). For unattended tool stands use the separate tag amenity=bicycle_repair_station. If yes then tag opening_hours:workshop can be used to specify repair-specific opening hours.
service:bicycle:rental yes/no

Bicycles are rented.

Not to be confused with amenity=bicycle_rental which is reserved for "bicycle rental service based on parking stations" and "does not concern bicycle rental shops"

service:bicycle:pump yes/no There is a free bicycle pump which can be used by anybody (it is not restricted to customers). See also amenity=compressed_air for individual tagging.
service:bicycle:parts yes/no Whether shop sells bicycle parts.
service:bicycle:diy yes/no There are tools for do-it-yourself bike repair / building (e.g. a bike co-operative). In some cases tools are freely available, in other cases a fee must be paid.
service:bicycle:cleaning yes/no Bicycles are washed (for a fee)
service:bicycle:second_hand only/yes/no Second-hand bicycles are sold
service:bicycle:ebike yes/no Electric bicycles are sold and generally serviced here. (The type of ebike will in part rely on local legislation. In much of Europe: pedelecs with assisted top-speed 25 km/h)
service:bicycle:ebike_maintenance yes/no Electric bicycles are serviced here. (See above for type discussion.)
service:bicycle:charging fee/free/yes/no You can charge e-bikes/pedelecs (bicycle assisted by a small electric motor)

If a bicycle shop is not tagged with a key from the above list, it means that its status is unknown: for instance, if a bicycle shop does not have a service:bicycle:repair=* tag, nothing has been stated about its repair service.


Other cycling tags

Similar shop tags

  • shop=outdoor - Outdoor-14.svg Shop selling equipment for hiking, mountaineering, camping. A large outdoors shop might sell mountain bikes in a department within.
  • shop=sports - Sports-14.svg Shop selling sports equipment
  • shop=hardware - Doityourself-16.svg Shop selling tools (Can be useful for fixing a bike)
  • shop=motorcycle - Shop motorcycle.svg Shop that sells motorcycles and/or related accessories, clothes, parts, repair and rental services.
  • shop=rental - Key symbol purple.png Rental shop (only rents, different shop=vehicles or shop=sports equipment)