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Information whether a dedicated shop does repair Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: Shops
Used on these elements
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Documented values: 2
Useful combination
Status: in use

For Shops that offer repair of goods (e.g. computers) use repair=* with:

  • yes if it repairs any goods that belong to the same category of goods the shop sells.
  • only_sold if the shop only does repair for the goods they have sold themselves.
  • brand if the shop only repairs goods of the same brand as it sells.
  • only if the shop only repairs goods, not sells anything.

Possible Values

This is a list of possible values outside the ones already mentioned. A Semi-colon_value_separator can be used in cases where multiple items can be repaired.

Tag Description Image
repair=yes repair service is offered
repair=only there are no other services then repair service.
repair=assisted_self_service tools and assistant is offered for self repair (e.g repair cafe)
repair=no repair service is not offered
Specific items
repair=appliance repair service for household appliances
repair=mobile_phone Mobile phones; see also mobile_phone:repair=*

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