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Public-images-osm logo.svg craft = locksmith
A place where locks and keys are created or repaired. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Crafts
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A craft=locksmith is an office of a professional craftsman in the craft of all things locks. A lock smith can install locks, open up locks when you have lost your key, set up complex multi-key lock systems for buildings, duplicate patent-restricted key types legally etc. A lock smith also sells all manner of lock related items from keyrings to seriously armored safes. In some countries this is known as a "bonded" lock smith because of a deposit or bond they have made to guarantee that they will not misuse their craft and their access to restricted equipment and items, while in other countries similar protection is achieved in different ways that cannot be referred to as being "bonded".

Please note that the above definitions are initial rough drafts and have not found consensus.

Similar tags

  • shop=locksmith - is the original more well established tag for a locksmith. There is no distinction. Same concept. shop=locksmith follows the english language tendency to refer to it as a "locksmiths shop". The craft=locksmith tag is a newer tag introduced along with other Key:craft ideas to move craft workshop things out of Key:shop if they are not selling products.
  • craft=key_cutter is a shop, usually very small, where you bring a typical key and get a duplicate made while you wait. The shop may also be selling related items such as keyrings or padlocks, but is not a full featured lock smith office or workshop. Key cutting is sometimes (but not always) combined with simple shoe mending services.